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Set of 3 Paper Mache Good Luck Elephant Sculptures
Set of 3 Paper Mache Good Luck Elephant ... $48.87 $129.95
Kashmir. The Himalayan ethnically diverse land of dreams and song and unfathomable beauty. Straight from the kingdom of the clouds come mystically beautiful elephants. Each set of three is unique and completely handmade by artisans skilled in the ancestral art of papier-mâché. Only our sets offer elephants with raised trunks so that, according to legend, all who pass by are “showered with fortune”. Your purchase of a Kashmir elephant trio supports isolated artisans in maintaining their way of life and community standards. In turn, part of their profit goes to the Almadar Yateem Trust Orphanage and women’s cooperative in Kashmir. By recycling discarded paper and sustainable crop materials and dyes, local craftsmen maintain the beauty of their land while providing a living for their families. Kashmir Good Luck Elephant Trios are exclusively ours. Their joy is contagious! The 3”, 4” and 5.5” sets are perfect for any bookcase, shelf or end table. They truly make a deeply meaningful gift. Available in 7 intricate and colorful patterns (from top to bottom- Cobalt Lotus, Ebony Blossoms, Ebony Lotus, Ebony Poppy, Gold Lotus, Peaceful Kindom, and Royal Paisley), each with its own exquisite detail. Ships direct from High Point, NC. Kashmiri papier-mâché originated in Persia in the 14th century. Artisans are called sakhta makers. Discarded paper, cloth, renewable rice plant straw, mineral and vegetable dyes are all employed in this process. Local gemstone files are used to smooth the artwork. The process involves many steps over several months before the final product is deemed complete.