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German Stainless Steel Chef/Butcher Knife & Hybrid Cutting Board Combo by Dry Age Chef
German Stainless Steel Chef/Butcher Knif... $37.87 $119.99
A combo pack of two of our most popular items. Look no further for the best knife and best cutting surface for all of your dry age steak (or other meat) cutting needs. The knife is large and sharp enough to easily cut through or trim your dry-aged meat but, with the included finger guard, able to handle smaller, more delicate cutting as well. The blade is tempered to 56 Rockwell, full bolster and finger guard.Our cutting board is unique in that it offers 2 styles of cutting board in 1. One side is made of eco-friendly bamboo, providing a strong and resilient wooden cutting surface that will last for years to come. The other side is made of non-BPA plastic, ensuring extremely easy to clean up. All items we sell come with a Lifetime Service Policy because we believe in our products and stand behind them. If you ever have issues with them please let us know. Simplify your meat handling with this two-sided cutting board of bamboo and non-BPA plastic, an eco-friendly bamboo cutting board.The complete package! The Dry Age Chef Knife and Hybrid Cutting Board are the last items you'll ever need to get to properly and safely use in your kitchen or give as a gift!