Bed Claw Heavy-Duty Hook-On 82
Bed Claw Heavy-Duty Hook-On 82" x 6" Rep... from $199.99 $279.95
Wood Bed Rails for Beauty - Wood Bed Rails for Strength - Wood bed rails provide that classic timeless beauty that the discriminating connoisseur of fine furniture demands. Whether building a new bed or restoring an older bed, wood bed rails provide beauty and warmth unmatched by any other rail system. Laminated Hardwood for High Strength and Beauty - Exclusive bedCLAW Wood Side Rails are a great solution for replacing broken or missing wood rails. These wood rails are laminated with top edge veneer banded faces. This process results in a wood rail which is much stronger than a solid wood rail. It is also more stable; a laminated rail will not warp or bow as a solid wood rail can. Industry Standard Hook-Plates - The industry-standard hook plates incorporated into both ends of the rails will probably fit any headboard/footboard manufactured within the last 40 years. Please measure the distance from the two pins in your headboard/footboard to confirm that they are 2" apart from the center to determine that our rail hook plates will fit appropriately. Wood Rails Sold in Pairs Only - Price is for a pair of side rails (one for each side of the bed). Wood Rails are sold in pairs only in order to assure a correct fit. These are the same original factory rails that are supplied by many bed manufacturers. Please note, however, the color shown may not match your frame exactly. Images are for representative photo's and do note that the specific rails you receive may differ slightly from the image shown here. Dimensions -  * These rails are 82 inches Long to fit Queen or King size beds. (Will also fit Twin XL or Full XL, but not standard Twin or Full, please measure the length of your mattress) * Wood rails are approx. 6 inches tall. * An inside lip runs down the inside of each rail, allowing easy and secure attachment of center support systems. Return Policy - Please note that the images shown on this page are for representation, and the product you receive may differ slightly due to manufacturing changes. Please review the item description and detailed measurements which are provided to ensure these bed rails will work for your application, as bed rails are non-returnable.
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Sofa Snap Sectional Couch Connector
Sofa Snap Sectional Couch Connector $12.87 $21.95
The Solution for Roaming Modular Furniture Sections - If your sectional sofa keeps moving around, you can fasten the sections together with the Sofa Snap: bracket. Each part of the Sofa Snap gets fastened to underneath the sofa section you want to keep together; you are now ready to "snap" the sections together. One Sofa Snap for Every Two Modular Sections - You'll need one Sofa Snap bracket set (as pictured) for every two sections you want to keep together. (The sofa sections can easily be separated later as well.) Model 345 Compared to Model 910 - This Sofa Snap Model #345 is identical to our Sofa Snap Model #910 except that the male tab, which the forks clip onto when the Sofa Snap is in the engaged position, is a solid triangular shape for increased strength and durability. The triangular male tab is held securely in place with 5 screws. Additional Considerations - While one Sofa Snap bracket is sufficient for most applications, some customers have found that sectionals located in high-traffic environments may benefit from installing two Sofa Snap brackets at each separation. In addition, the Fixed Mount models (#910,  #917, and  #345) are not designed to pivot, allowing a stronger connection. Sofa Snap brackets may not provide a secure connection if your Sectional pieces are located on an uneven surface, or if they stand at different heights from the floor (replacing the legs to all be the same height can fix this). • If your sectional sofa keeps moving around, you can fasten the sections together with the Sofa Snap bracket. • One Sofa Snap bracket per separation in your sectional is generally sufficient. Some high-traffic areas will benefit from two brackets per separation to ensure a secure hold. • Designed for furniture with a wooden frame across the bottom edge which is at least 2 inches wide. If yours is less than this, look at the #917 or #938 Sofa Snap brackets. • Screws are included. Installation is simple, instructions can be found on the Sofa Snap website. • LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY
thinkScroll 24
thinkScroll 24" Wall-Mounted Kraft, Butc... from $94.49 $128.49
The thinkScroll: Now with a new and improved design!  This easy-to-mount Kraft paper dispenser is ideal for list-making, brainstorming, collaborative projects, art, and signage. Perfect for the home or business, the thinkScroll is a blank canvas for you to explore your creativity or display your information. The retainer bar ensures that your work stays secure against the wall until you are ready for your next project. Also works great for homeschooling needs. Create your daily goals, work out those math problems, or create a new art masterpiece, all using the same product and without any mess to clean up.  The thinkScroll is made from aircraft aluminum to provide excellent strength without the weight of steel. Also, aluminum will not rust like the steel used in other similar products. With our new design, we included multiple mounting holes, including standard 16" spacing to mount it directly into standard spaced studs. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.  Available in 2 options:  -thinkScroll bracket only: includes our newly designed bracket, a single retainer bar, and all necessary mounting hardware  -thinkScroll bracket and 1000ft roll of paper: includes bracket, single retainer bar, mounting hardware, and our new 1000ft roll of paper.
WetBan Ultra Smart Sleeper Sofa Mattresses
WetBan Ultra Smart Sleeper Sofa Mattresses from $570.00
WET BAN™ Ultra Smart Mattress™ technology with silver ion-based antimicrobial technology is now available in both Sleeper Sofa and regular luxury mattresses.  Our EXCLUSIVE WET BAN mattresses are the perfect solution for assuring your guests that their stay will be a pleasurable and safe one.  Our ticking is antimicrobial, stain-resistant, water-resistant, durable, and easily cleaned.   Robust stain-fighting protection with antimicrobial properties that work to minimize the growth of mold, mildew, and a broad spectrum of odor-causing bacteria provide superior protection.  Your mattress stays cleaner and fresher longer for your guests while giving them comfort and the assurance of a protected stay. EPA registered encapsulated silver ion technology is the cutting edge of sleep cleanliness assurance. The comfort you have come to rely on from all our mattresses remains uncompromised. Because all the protections are seamlessly woven directly into the mattress fabric, there is no need for an uncomfortable cover. Ideal for hotels, rentals, condos, beach houses, camps, RV's,  airbnb's, luxury suites, and homes throughout the world. ​The durability and comfort features of this mattress make it ideal for use in private and public facilities. The only choice for use in public facilities to meet disinfection and cleaning standards because WET BAN™ is engineered to reduce contamination while maintaining comfort. Able to meet all institutional sleep product requirements in any custom-designed mattress environment. Mattresses with built-in Stain Repellent and Antimicrobial protection. WET BAN™ mattresses are engineered to help reduce contamination while maintaining comfort. ​Environmental Impact • Does not contain PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate)  PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) ​• No Proposition 65 chemicals present • No REACH listed chemicals (Substances of Very High Concern) • No EPA regulated Section 313 chemicals present • Low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) • No formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, bisphenol BPA, or dioxin • No Halogenated Flame Retardants (i.e. PBDEs) • PVC free TWIN • 32" x 72" x 6" FULL • 52" x 72" x 6" QUEEN • 60" x 72" x 6" ANTIMICROBIAL • STAIN RESISTANT • WATER RESISTANT • DURABLE • EASILY CLEANED