bedCLAW Armor Grade Carbon Steel 2x4 Barricade Brackets for Door Stop Security
bedCLAW Armor Grade Carbon Steel 2x4 Bar... from $28.87 $39.99
Super Heavy Duty, 6mm Thick. Door or Gate reinforcement brackets to prevent "kick-ins" or entering the dog yard. Easily reinforce your door or gate with 2x4s. • Hot Rolled Steel for maximum strength • Extra thick, 6mm construction-grade steel for extreme strength and durability to withstand 1,100 lbs. of kick-in force when properly secured into the frame • Surface treated with black powder coating for use indoors or outside • Ideal fit for 2x4 or 2x6 lumber, not included • Works with all types of inswing or outswing doors or gates. Great fit for 2x4 lumber & Comes With 2 Years Warranty - works with all types of inswing or outswing door sizes. Lumber is not included • Ideal for office, warehouse, home, backyard, barn, shed, garage, basement, and gate to prevent unlawful entry • EASY TO INSTALL, Door barricade brackets come with 3 screw holes and can effectively support to ensure your safety THE TRUST, BRANDING, AND THE REPUTATION COME FROM THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT. Warning Sign Sold Separately. Wallace Flynn proudly produces, manufactures, distributes, and retails the finest products for industry, business, and direct consumers. Because of our commitment to satisfaction and reputation, your Wallace Flynn purchase may qualify for our Ltd. Lifetime Service Policy. Look for the LIFETIME seal on the website of purchase. Contact Wallace Flynn and include clear and close pictures of the issue involved. A copy of proof of date and place of purchase will validate the service. All requests are subject to a Policy Service Fee and shipping charges. Customer service will let you know what the next steps will be. The Policy Service Fee allows us to expedite your claim digitally without requiring you to return the product to us for inspection. bedCLAW® is a registered trademark of WALLACE FLYNN INC.
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bedCLAW No-Sag Mattress Slats Center Support - Universal Size Adjusts from Full to Cali-King
bedCLAW No-Sag Mattress Slats Center Sup... $145.00 $231.00
Due to the increasing demand for a strong center support system capable of attachment to lower-height beds, the bedCLAW No-Sag Center Support System has been developed. It consists of 3 Steel Cross Rails, each with one adjustable leg.  Designed to reinforce your bed's central area, which bears about 70% of your weight. Strategically placed support helps prevent warping, broken wooden slats, and damaged side rails cleats (or lips) that hold your bedding. Included wood screws to attach this support to your wooden side rail cleats.  Though designed primarily for use with wooden side rails, this support can be used on beds with metal side rails. When used with metal side rails, it is likely that you will need to have the capability of drilling holes into your metal side rails for securing the supports into place. You'll need a power drill and a drill bit that is designed for drilling into metal.  The bedCLAW No-Sag Center Support System is easily adjustable in width and height. It will adjust in Width from 52" up to 77" to fit the following bed sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King Size. It will adjust in height from a minimum of 4" up to a maximum of 15".  The bedCLAW No-Sag Center Support System passed the Static Load Testing of 2,000 pounds. The glides on the bottom of each of the three adjustable legs are 2" in diameter, assuring good weight distribution while protecting floors and carpeting.  Some assembly is required. Instructions are included as are tools required for assembly. Please contact us should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this item, we are happy to assist.  Specifications:  Fits These Bed Sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King  Adjustable Height: 4" to 15"  Weight Capacity: 2,000 pounds  Adjustable Cross Arms: 3  Adjustable Glide Equipped Legs: 3 (one per cross arm) 
bedCLAW Retro Fix Offset Hook Plate Adapter, Repair Failed Wood Bed Rails
bedCLAW Retro Fix Offset Hook Plate Adap... from $29.67 $39.99
This is a bracket set that is suitable for repairing broken rails on beds that employ a hook-on rail system. Because of the offset, the hooks can be put in the center of the rail's end (s). This allows the rail to be positioned similarly to the original and preserves the face of the rails flat with headboards and footboards. It will also not affect the location of the slat supports. For most applications, this is a far superior option over a flat plate or bracket. Each plate requires five 3/4" wood screws to firmly attach. Lifetime Service Policy! New, innovative universal repair parts for broken hook plates or split wood ends, offset for proper alignment into headboards or footboards. • 2.5mm Thickened Steel - Heavy Duty steel, with super strong bearing capacity, can carry more than 300 lbs. for each bracket, make the bed firmer, not easy to shake, and provide you with a safe bed. • Wide Range of Uses- The bedCLAW® Wood Bed Rail Renovation Brackets for Bed Repairs & Replacements are made to repair missing or broken hook plates, split wood or new bed constructions that need hook plates to line up properly. Fits most wooden bed rails and has a five-hole configuration for a secure connection. Lifetime Service Policy. Offset to properly line up the hooks to install like OEM brackets. • bedCLAW® Bed Repair & Replacement Parts- The most trusted name for bed parts, all with a policy of lifetime service. Over 28 years in High Point, NC • Special surface technology - Powder coated for longer life. Smooth processing and rounded corners do not hurt hands. • Dimensions - Thickness: 2.5mm Q235 Steel, 3-3/4" wide, 3-5/8" high, 2" hook separation. Function: Universal wood bed claw hook plates are intended as a replacement for hook plates that have been damaged or for new bed construction where hook plate installation is desired. 5 Hole Design is fit for most American wooden headboard footboard frames. Versatility: The wood bed rail Hooks Plates are designed for use with beds that utilize 2" On Center pin spacing. It is designed to fit all sizes of bed frames, bed posts, Bed rails, footboards, headboards, and King, Queen, Full, or Twin-size beds. Material: Wood bed rail brackets are made from durable, high-quality steel coated with zinc for rust and corrosion resistance Packing included: Wood Bed Rail Hook Plates, mounting screws, easy to install. Dimensions: Thickness: 2.5mm, 3-3/4" Wide, 3-5/8" High, 2" hook separation. Quality Guarantee with Lifetime Service Policy.  If there is any quality problem, please feel free to contact us. Refund or Replacement for any quality problem. *No wooden side rails are included. Shown only as a demonstration. 
Classic Square 3500 Series Heavy-Duty Replacement Sleeper Sofa Mechanism
Classic Square 3500 Series Heavy-Duty Re... from $1,105.95 $1,186.00
PLEASE BE AWARE: PER THE MANUFACTURER, THERE IS AN APPROX 6-WEEK LEAD TIME. You have probably heard about the "everything shortage," with many consumer and commercial goods being in short supply due to historic congestion at seaports, disruption in interstate shipping, and leading to increases in the cost of goods and shipping. At the same time, shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx are also raising their rates, suspending delivery date guarantees, and delaying service. This will only get worse. Our mechanisms are hand-crafted right here in High Point, NC, so we are not affected as much by these challenges. Still, the raw steel and spring stock we depend on continues to be unpredictable. Some components may be affected by the global shipping delays and supply shortages. Shipping orders out to you, our valued customers, can also be impacted by these and other factors. We have never encountered such problems in the thirty-one years we have been supplying the industry, but material shortages are possible this winter. Because of today's unpredictable realities, we are recommending that you place your mechanism order as quickly as possible to avoid delays. We appreciate your patience as we work through these challenges with our customers. Replace damaged, rusted, worn-out, or unsafe sleeper units with a new Made-in-USA Replacement Sleeper Sofa Mechanism which feature squared tubular construction that's safe, strong, well designed. When sleeper sofa mechanisms break, they can become uncomfortable, non-working, or worse, dangerous.  Wallace Flynn offers many different replacement sleeper sofa mechanisms. Repair it, don't replace it.  If you're unsure, please contact us before ordering to ensure proper sizing.  The strongest sleeper mechanism made, the Classic Square sofa sleeper system includes engineered low-profile linkage along with body-support tubes and wires for enhanced support. It eliminates sagging and the two-ply ballistic decking material enhances durability and visual appeal. The Classic Square Sleeper mechanism is a heavy-duty contract/residential sofa sleeper system with a number of features and benefits to ensure comfort and durability. The Classic Square is considered the easiest to operate in the industry and is engineered with low-profile linkage to keep all metal parts below the mattress line. Its all-square tubular frame construction provides a smooth and visually appealing look with improved safety (eliminated pinch points) and comfort in the seated position. The dual one-piece tubular legs also provide enhanced stability and strength, making this one of the highest quality products on the market. When ordering a replacement mechanism for your sofa, finding the manufacturer and model number information for the existing mechanism is very important. This ensures that you receive the correct fit for replacement. This model replaces the Leggett and Platt 3500 Classic Square Series mechanisms. Alternately, if the label is difficult to read, you can measure the distance between the brackets where the unit mounts into the wooden frame inside the sofa.  Please look for the Leggett model number sticker on your current mechanism and match it to the model number below. The model number of your current mechanism is the only accurate way to ensure a correct replacement. Please reference the chart below to find your model number. Available in the Following Widths: Size / Model 44" / 3544, 4435 48" / 3548, 4835 55" / 3555, 5535 60" / 3560, 6035 68" / 3568, 6835 Please contact us before ordering to ensure proper sizing.  All sleeper mechanisms are made in the USA
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Cucina Chef - 16 oz. Screamin' Tiki Glass - Set of 4
Cucina Chef - 16 oz. Screamin' Tiki Glas... $35.99 $49.99
This Screamin' Tiki 16 oz. cooler glass will add the lively finishing touch you have been looking for! Take your happy hour to the next level, and serve up your cocktails with a fun flair. From mojitos and other mixed fruity drinks to lemonades, sodas, and iced tea, this glass will showcase the fun colors of all your favorite beverage items.  This clear tiki mug bears an aggressive expression. Like you before you've had your first drink of the night. Made of thick, clear glass, this tiki mug features the two-sided raised relief of an anthropomorphic tropical statue. The statue's aggressive, teeth-bearing expression gives the impression that it is pretty angry about something... To assuage its anxiety, we recommend filling it with up to 16 ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage.  The tiki design on the glass is perfect for themed catered events, but it can also be used in any bar or restaurant to serve up Pina Coladas and other tiki-themed drinks. The smooth rim is great for placing a slice of lemon, lime, or orange for a dynamic and delicious presentation. Be sure to stock up your bar with this tiki cooler glass to exceed all your beverage serving needs!  Height: 6-1/4 Inches Capacity: 16 oz. Color: Clear Material: Glass Shape: Round Dishwasher Safe: Yes. This item can safely be cleaned in a dishwasher. Made of durable, crystal clear glass with exceptional clarity Features a whimsical tiki design Smooth rim is ideal for lemon, lime, or orange wedges Great for serving mixed drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and water Use in your restaurant, bar, pub, or themed catered event Also available Cucina Chef - 16 oz. Tiki Glass - Set of 4 Cucina Chef - 20 oz. Tiki Glass - Set of 4
ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation Supplement 600mg, 60 ct.
ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation S... $21.99
Zeolite Detox, 600 mg per serving, All Natural Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox Supplement. Found in volcanic rock, Zeolite may help to remove toxins from the body such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and pesticides, as well as the common radioactive isotopes found in nuclear fallout. Zeolite can successfully target and remove many different harmful materials, like heavy metals and Graphene Oxide toxins, which are often mixed into other chemicals or vaccines. It is the go-to answer for radiation exposure. Zeolite is 100% safe and natural. It's the volcanic mineral Clinoptilolite. It has a honeycomb-like structure and a negative ionic charge. This leads to only attracting positively charged toxic heavy metals, which are then naturally targeted and quickly trapped as they bind together into the honeycomb. NOTE: The possible Graphene Oxide from vaccines will also bind to the zeolite. These toxins then safely pass all the way out of one's system. No worries though because none of the body's beneficial minerals are removed by Zeolite! Zeolite is the world's best heavy metal detox supplement on the market. Zeolite offers huge advantages when compared to the chemical heavy metal chelation therapy product known as Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid (EDTA). No blood work testing is required when detoxing with Zeolite since it is extremely safe. In comparison, blood work and kidney function tests must be performed multiple times when using EDTA as it can cause kidney damage, kidney failure, and anemia. Zeolite additionally removes toxic radioactive heavy metals, including Gallium, Strontium, Plutonium, and other sources of contamination due to nuclear radioactive fallout. Zeolite is the absolute best method for removing Thimerosal, or mercury, often found in vaccinated individuals. It also separates toxic mercury from those who have had dental amalgams, either before or after surgery. PROCESS: Once the zeolite has bound to any found heavy metals after ingestion, it is then excreted through both urination and bowel movements. Throughout this process, heavy metals are not reabsorbed back into the body-effectively and permanently leaving one's system, without any fear of re-contamination. Our approach is much different from EDTA and the many plant-based solutions (like chlorella, cilantro, citrus pectin, spirulina, milk thistle, and seaweed), which often re-introduce toxins on their slow descent out. This is why Zeolite is proven to be far superior when compared to all other products presently found on the market. When built-up heavy metals that often suppress immune systems are removed from the body, our immune systems can actually grow stronger! A bonus when taking Zeolite is that it also helps to balance our pH levels to their healthy norm. BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY NATURALLY ... SUPPORTS A STRONG & HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM! Benefits of Zeolite • #1 Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium...)  • Removes Radiation Particles (nuclear, x-rays, security scanners, medical) • Detoxes Environmental Toxins (smoke particles, cell phone radiation, chemicals, plastics, pesticides) • Stops Viruses and Parasites (smothers and starves them) • Stops Mycotoxins (fungal, and mold spores) • Relieves Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Morgellons, and "mystery" Diseases • Relieves Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, and IBS • Enhances Bone Formation and Red Blood Cells • Relieves Symptoms of Chronic Diarrhea • Natural Cleanse for Chemtrail Residue and Glyphosate Toxicity • Natural Immunity Booster (makes stealth invaders visible and traps/zaps them) • Balances Total Cholesterol (Reduces LDL and VLDL and Boosts Healthy HDL) • Alkalizing Effect on Your Whole Body (alkaline effect on the body) Mined in the US! 😎  SAVE ON A SET OF 3 These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.