Premium Mollywhopper Crisis Management Kit, Ultimate First Aid Survival Trauma Backpack

$1,212.64 $1,999.99 -40% OFF

Premium Mollywhopper Crisis Management Kit, Ultimate First Aid Survival Trauma Backpack

$1,212.64 $1,999.99 -40% OFF
Product description

Our premium Mollywhopper Crisis Management Kit is THE go-to kit for anyone who wants to be ready for any crisis situation. The kit is comprised of carefully curated separate packs for Blood Stop/Bullet Trauma, Burn Trauma, Blunt Force Trauma, Treatment, Nuclear Radiation & Fallout Emergencies, Extensive Bandage Supply, Medical Tools, Keep Going Essential Aid, Pet First Aid, Blankets & Towels, General Injury Supplies and much more. 

Not just a basic First Aid Kit, but it has items that you didn't know you needed until it may be too late. Everything is carefully bundled in a strong ballistic backpack, so you can easily take it to where you need it or wherever you go. View pictures of the full list of supplies and equipment included in each Crisis Kit.

A thoughtful gift for first responders, families, preppers, travelers, teachers, shopkeepers, dorm rooms, and Search and Rescue volunteers. 

Make sure your household has a first aid kit. It should have basic medicines which are readily accessible.
Keep your first aid kit, and all medications, including nonprescription drugs out of children's reach.
Before assisting a victim, protect yourself first. Assess the scene and determine the prevalent hazards, if any.
Whenever possible, wear gloves to protect yourself from blood and other bodily fluids.
When an emergency occurs, make sure the tongue does not block the victim's airway and that the mouth is free of any secretions and foreign objects. It's important that the person is breathing freely. And if not, administer artificial respiration promptly.
See that the victim has a pulse and good blood circulation as you check for signs of bleeding. Act fast if the victim is bleeding severely, swallowed poison, or his heart or breathing has stopped. Remember every second counts.
It's vitally important not to move a person with serious neck or back injuries unless you must save him from further danger. If he has vomited and there is no danger that his neck is broken, turn him aside to prevent choking and keep him warm by covering him with blankets or coats.
Have someone call for medical assistance while you apply first aid. The person who calls the doctor should explain the nature of the emergency and ask for advice on what should be done by the time the ambulance arrives.
Be calm and give psychological support to the patient.
Don't give fluids to an unconscious or semi-conscious person. Fluids may enter his windpipe and cause suffocation. Don't try to arouse an unconscious person by slapping or shaking.
Look for an emergency medical identification card to find out if the victim is allergic to medicines or has any serious health problems that require special care.

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