Anatole Micro Folding Umbrella - Josephine - Pink/Orange

$24.99 $50.00 -51% OFF

Anatole Micro Folding Umbrella - Josephine - Pink/Orange

$24.99 $50.00 -51% OFF
Product description

Umbrella from the French brand ANATOLE: or how to make a rainy day a happy day! The Anatole two-tone mini umbrella will be one of the must-have accessories in the fashion wardrobe of the 2020s! The juxtaposition of pink and orange on either side of a curved axis creates an imperfect symmetry. When opened, this folding umbrella presents a visual imbalance of great simplicity, which, against all odds, provides immense good.

ANATOLE: A French brand, ANATOLE's mini umbrellas are both elegant, solid, and practical and are very successful!

Your umbrella will become your ideal fashion accessory in the rain: when closed it only measures 17.5cm and once open its diameter is perfect for the vast majority of male builds. Super price/size/solidity ratio: it is a mini umbrella that is both light, ultra-compact, and solid thanks to a titanium and maple wood handle and carbon-reinforced ribs.

Technical characteristics of the folding umbrella:
OPEN DIAMETER: 84 cm (optimal for both a women's umbrella and a men's umbrella)
RIBS: 7 ribs in fiberglass and aluminum with carbon reinforcements.
OPENING/CLOSING: manual (for more lightness)
CANVAS: UV-resistant microfiber fabric (UV50) 190 micro threads.
ATTACHMENT: engraved metal snap button (nickel)
HANDLE: wood (maple)
HAND PASS: grosgrain