Anne Home - Set of 3 Fabric Boxes with Covers


Anne Home - Set of 3 Fabric Boxes with Covers

Product description

Looking for the perfect fabric basket to organize your belongings? Look no further, our set of three fabric baskets will keep things neat and tidy. Simply elegant, these baskets can be filled with clothes or anything that needs to be stored.

They come in three different sizes below:
1: 12in x 11.5in x 8.25in
2: 10in x 10in x 7.75in
3: 8in x 7.75in x 6in

Each of the baskets has a lid of its own and a delightful bow to complete their look. Having them around will surely keep your home more organized and clean.

Anne Home - Simply Elegant
Anne is an award-winning artist. She loves to travel the world, especially on a sailboat. Everywhere she goes, she finds many graceful things.

Indeed, it's awesome when she gets to bring home what she has found: animal statues, shells, pillows, baskets, and many more. Anne is a joyful young lady, so she hopes to deliver happiness to your home with things that she's discovered throughout the years. Simply elegant, Anne's will complement your home for many years without being outdated. She handpicks many of these items herself and now you can do the same from her amazing collection.