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Bouquet Du Trianon by Historiae - Perfumes of History, Reed Diffuser
Bouquet Du Trianon by Historiae - Perfumes of History, Reed Diffuser

Bouquet Du Trianon by Historiae - Perfumes of History, Reed Diffuser

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Historiae Perfume of History
In 2012, Pascale Oger was living in a 17th century home called "The Kings Falconry", in the Versailles Plain, when she was working for L'Oreal. This scenery inspired the basis for her new luxury perfume line to tell the history of France with scents: Historiae, Perfume of History. This line is 100% made in France and is the perfect embodiment of the know-how, creativity, and culture of the French throughout history. Each item has its own perfume creator and designer, who specializes in international luxury brands, that make each scent its own unique creation. Only one year after its debut, Historiae was awarded 1st place for "Primo Exportatuer" (or "Best Exporter") in 2013 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Bouquet De Trianon
As a true Marie Antoinette inspired perfume, Bouquet De Trianon encompasses all of the floral scents Ms. Antoinette enjoyed at her Trianon. Like taking a walk through a beautiful country estate, this perfume starts with a fresh meadow scent, then emerges an aroma of tuberose, rose and honeysuckle. Lastly, you'll experience the final scents of amber, musk, sandalwood, and cedar. It takes you from the beginning of an awe-inspiring country garden, through a trail of roses and into the forest. It's almost like you are walking right alongside Marie, talking about the beauty of her garden, admiring the scenery. The only difference is that this walk is completely experienced through smell!

The Perfect "Any Occasion" Gift!
Flowers are the typical gift for women in our lives, however, the stems wilt and the blooms will inevitably perish. Why not give her a bouquet that lasts year-round? With combined floral scents of May rose, Damascena rose, rose absolute, peony and magnolia; you will rest assured that she will be pleased, and might even thank you twice!