Classic Charcoal Grey 70% Wool Blanket | 62 in x 84 in | GI HAWK


Classic Charcoal Grey 70% Wool Blanket | 62 in x 84 in | GI HAWK

Product description

Emergency Blankets • Tough enough for everyday use.

Our loom woven Grey Wool Blanket will present you with a warm, soft, and cozy blanket. Whipstitched on all sides prevents unraveling and is strong enough to withstand institutional laundering. Flame Retardant qualities enhance your safety.

These 70/30 blankets are made of 70% wool and 30% cotton/other fibers. The unique blend makes them our softest blankets yet. They measure a generous 62" x 84" and weigh a good 3.5 lbs. The Classic Charcoal Grey Wool blanket is so soft and warm, but not scratchy, making it ideal to pack in your bug-out bag.

However, this blanket is sturdy enough for your greatest adventures and soft enough to keep in your living room. Even better, get a few extra to have on hand- it's at a price that won't break the bank. Better than a fleece blanket, as fleece is not as durable. Flame Retardant.

Wash before use. Machine wash cold, delicate, or gentle setting. Use mild cold water detergent. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat or line dry.

GI HAWK • Elite Preparedness
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Life is different, being prepared is no longer a luxury, but your obligation. Whether due to a disaster, such as a hurricane, earthquake, winter storm, or protection from a pandemic, it's important to be prepared for being displaced or housebound.
Being prepared isn't just rations and toilet paper. Your family needs to stay clean, comfortable, safe, and well-fed for a healthy recovery afterward. That's where the hawk has you, and the individual needs of each family member, covered.
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