Complete Dry Age Chef Charcuterie, Cheese, Chocolate Boards HUGE Kit - Quality ACCESSORIES

$97.49 $149.99 -36% OFF

Complete Dry Age Chef Charcuterie, Cheese, Chocolate Boards HUGE Kit - Quality ACCESSORIES

$97.49 $149.99 -36% OFF
Product description

A tremendous kit with every quality accessory you could need―perfect as a housewarming or holiday gift. Indispensable charcuterie, cheese, and fruit, chocolate, or hot chocolate boards.

Start entertaining tonight with two slate boards (12" round and 11.5" x 4" rectangle), four non-toxic low dust chalk sticks, three (8 oz, 3 oz, 2 oz) oval hammered copper and stainless steel generous sauce or chip cups, a Franmara 1099 hard cheese or chocolate knife, a Franmara 1072 cheese clincher, two sizes of beautiful leaf shape cheese paper (twenty 4.25" x 2.5", twenty 7" x 4.5"), fifty 4-1/2" bamboo swords, and four different 1.5 oz. preserves, apples + cranberry, tart cherry + white tea, pear with honey + ginger, and figs + black tea. 

Incorporate these black slate trays into your buffet or tabletop display to enhance the look and feel of your dining area! With ample surface area that's perfect for serving hors d'oeuvres or for using as a charcuterie board, these plates combine simplicity and style to help your gathering stand out from the rest. The larger, round board is suited for a substantial amount of goodies, while the rectangular counterpart is great for extra crackers, nuts, or fruits. 

The non-toxic chalk has a low dust formula―ideal for writing out the names of your cheeses directly on to the boards themselves so your guests know exactly what they're eating. It creates extra smooth, clean lines, which makes it perfect for professional settings as well.

Create a dynamic dining experience with the oval, hammered-copper color cups! Its stainless steel construction effectively resists rust and damage to ensure longevity, while its beveled appearance allows you to add dimension to your table settings. The bowls' stylish finish not only boasts an attractive display but also helps to hide any scratches or dents that may ensue so that your tabletop presentation always remains flawless. The three sizes included in this kit offer a wide variety of uses, from honey to couple with your cheese or nuts to pair with cold cuts. The largest of the cups are just right for crackers or chips. 

Expertly cut cheeses with the Franmara 1099 stainless steel hard cheese or chocolate knife. Both of these delicious snacks require a tough blade, just like the one included in this kit. The knife's strong metal blade and sharply pointed end help break up sturdy cheeses like aged gouda, cheddar, and parmesan or even chunks of chocolate. The large, hollow handle gives the knife a balanced feel and the stainless steel will provide you with long-lasting use. Plus, the satin finish gives it a contemporary look, fitting in perfectly with any charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Additionally, take your excellence in service to the next level with assistance from the Franmara 1072 brushed stainless steel cheese clincher! Featuring a generously-sized metal handle, this cheese button holds food steady to help you cut with ease. By simply sticking the 3-pronged head into any item, you can keep it in place and maintain a secure grip while cutting cubes, wedges, or slices―without physically touching any of your goods. Great for maintaining a sanitary environment, the clincher also promotes work safety as your staff keeps their hands on the handle and away from the cheese. This sturdy product has sharp prongs that also work well for trapping cold cuts. The stainless steel cheese button will work efficiently time and time again, resulting in consistent preparation. Impress your patrons by serving perfectly-cut gourmet cheeses and meats at your banquet, get together, or special event!

Bring a bold look to your plated presentation with the included bamboo picks. These mini swords are useful when serving appetizers or kabobs, as its 4-1/2" length makes it easy for your guests to pick up individual portions. Stick it through some cheese squares for a more sanitary method when sharing a charcuterie board. It's also great for garnishing beverages or martinis while presenting your most popular drink with a stylish touch. The bamboo pick is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones since it's renewable and decomposes, instead of cluttering up a landfill. You can use the pick to hold your signature sandwiches and wraps together and dispose of them later without a detrimental, environmental impact.

The included cheese paper is grease-resistant in order to minimize messes while maintaining a professional presentation. With the two sizes provided, you'll be able to offer the upscale cheese or charcuterie service you want, without purchasing new serving ware for an updated appearance. The faux leaves give your setup added dimension and visual interest, for a unique look that's functional and food-safe!

APPLES + CRANBERRY. This preserve combines apples, cranberries, honey, orange zest, ginger, and bay leaves for a perfect blend of sweet and tart. It pairs superbly with an assortment of meats and cheeses for both sweet and savory dishes. For a warm cocktail, mix Apples and Cranberry with hot cider and rum and strain into a glass. 

TART CHERRY + WHITE TEA. Door County tart cherries float in a delicate jelly of jasmine flowers and white tea. Seductive with a creamy bleu or full-fat soft rind cheese. Dainty on a shortcake with fresh whipped cream.

PEAR WITH HONEY + GINGER. Fresh from the orchard, ripe pears and crisp apples luxuriate in lush honey and warm grated ginger. This preserve demands a good pastry - top a croissant, Danish, or cider doughnut. Or, stir into your favorite muffin recipe. Pair with a sharp cheddar or a wedge of triple-creme Brie. This preserve is made with local honey, and local pears and apples when they're in season! 

FIGS + BLACK TEA. Full-bodied black tea and sweet, delicate figs combine in sultry counterpoint, creating a thoroughly seductive preserve. Spread on a sliced baguette or good cracker with goat cheese and prosciutto. Spoon over vanilla ice cream for an out-of-the-ordinary dessert.