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Decaf Knockout Mexican Organic Coffee 12oz Beans - Sweetwater Coffee

Decaf Knockout Mexican Organic Coffee 12oz Beans - Sweetwater Coffee

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A blend of our Full City and French Roast decafs: Creamy, smooth, full bodied with rich berry and milk chocolate overtones. Seasonal decaf coffees from Honduras, Mexico and Peru

Meet the Artisans

Sweetwater Organic Coffee is located in sunny Gainesville, Florida....home of the Florida Gators and numerous avenues for adventure! Every morning we gather at our intergalactic headquarters on South Main Street wtih one primary goal in mind - to roast our trading partners coffee to absolute perfection!

To fully appreciate our unique company, you need to understand our mission and our passion.  We are deeply committed to fair, direct, and transparent trading relationships with small-scale coffee farmers and their cooperatives throughout the world’s coffee lands.   We roast all of our coffee to-order in micro-batches… and all of our coffees are: 

  • Certified USDA Organic
  • High Altitude & Shade Grown
  • Specialty-grade Arabica

We are a member of the Fair Trade Federation, the association of North American retailers and importers who are fully committed to fair trade and strive to only sell items sourced according to fair trade principles.