decoTrundle Combo Upholstered Bed Package

$1,389.00 $1,899.98 -27% OFF

decoTrundle Combo Upholstered Bed Package

$1,389.00 $1,899.98 -27% OFF
Product description

The decoTrundle Advantage • The decoTrundle conserves space when both beds are not needed. The extra bed is a pop-up unit that fits under the high rise bed when it is not needed. When it is needed, the extra or spare bed has an easy-to-use mechanism that allows the consumer to pull forward and upwards to access the spare bed. The spare bed comes up to the same height as the main bed and mattress, allowing the decoTrundle to be used as a two-person bed which is virtually the size of a King Size bed. Two persons can very comfortably sleep on this bed when the extra mattress is engaged. When the guests have departed, the extra bed is easily returned to its hidden space-saving position under the high rise bed.

Both mattresses are 9" thick. Both mattresses are even height when the pop-up trundle is elevated. The pop-up trundle mattress is attached to the frame and can NOT be removed.

Bed: 78.7"L x 39.4"W x 24.4"H.
Pop-Up Trundle: 71"L x 38"W x 9"H (lowered)

Weight Capacity:
Bed: 450 lbs.
Pop-Up Trundle: 250 lbs.

Easy to Use Mechanism • The decoTrundle is easy to use. One person can easily pull the extra mattress out and up to set the unit up as a two-person bed. Likewise, the decoTrundle is easy to take down and return the extra bed to its storage position under the high rise unit. The set-up and take-down transition take but a few seconds.

Flexibility • The extra bed may be used alongside the main bed or, if the consumer prefers, it may be used separately as a second twin size bed.

Long-Lasting Quality Construction • The decoTrundle utilizes the world-renowned 336 Coil Bonel Spring System. It is layered with thick felt, foam, and stylish quilting layers. The beautiful jacquard fabric covers this practical functional bed.

What's Included • The High Rise unit with attached mattress, frame, and skirting and the Pop-Up Unit with the supporting mechanism and attached mattress

Warranty • The decoTrundle is covered by a manufacturer's Limited 5 Year Warranty.

Shipping • This item ships via Residential Curbside Freight Delivery. Please reach out before ordering if you have any questions regarding shipping or other delivery options.