Garden Wizard Rotolla


Garden Wizard Rotolla

Product description

The Garden Wizard Rotolla is a 2.5 gallon, in-ground watering pot. Designed after the ancient, unfired clay pots used for centuries, this pot will continuously release water into the surrounding soil for up to 48 hours. But unlike those pots of the past, this one is made from Polyethylene so it won't break apart over time and will never leach chemicals into your soil. In fact, it's FDA-approved for contact with edibles. Just bury it in the ground and let the pot do the work. Nearby plants will get the water they need and there's no loss to evaporation thanks to the special soaker hoses included. Great for keeping plants hydrated while you're gone for a long weekend.

2.5-gallon capacity
Will not breakdown or degrade over time
Continuous watering action up to 48 hours
Zero water loss due to evaporation
Unobtrusive like other watering solutions
Will not overwater
Easy to set up and no tools required
Fully weather-resistant
1-year manufacturer's warranty
Made in the USA

INCLUDES: Instructions, (4) hose clamps, (4) soaker hoses, Rotolla pot with lid