Primio d'Oro Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 Liter Tin - Imported from Italy


Primio d'Oro Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 Liter Tin - Imported from Italy

Product description

Olive Oil was a representation of peace in Greco-Roman times and has been a symbol of glory and a staple food source for the great Mediterranean for centuries. This premium Primio d'Oro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from hearty, fresh olives and is drawn from the "first press" to retain the most natural flavor with a buttery and fruity aroma. As a cold-pressed oil, the olives aren't damaged by a heat source in the processing, ensuring pleasant and true organoleptic notes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no trans fat and no cholesterol, thus a healthy addition for any kind of cooking, drizzling on vegetables, marinades, vinaigrettes, and finishing.

Pure and healthy, this extra virgin olive oil is a smart addition to any kitchen!
Its light and delicate taste are perfect for finishing focaccia bread, whisking together salad dressings, finishing pasta, and making croutons. Made from pressed olives, this olive oil can be used to add a Mediterranean flair to your meals, with recipes like antipasto platters and chickpea hummus.

Healthier Alternative!
Simply substitute extra virgin olive oil for butter or other oils in your cooking, and it's easy to make your dishes just a little bit healthier. Compared to other types of olive oil that may be diluted with soybean or canola oil, this extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives using natural methods.

Easy Pour Spout!
Since it is pure, it has enhanced sensory qualities like taste and smell and it is high in healthy antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is heart-healthy, and it contains vitamins and beneficial fatty acids. Plus, its easy-pour spout makes dispensing a breeze. As good for your health as it is for your meals, you're sure to find plenty of uses for this premium extra virgin olive oil!

Cold-Pressed Process!
This oil goes through a cold-pressed process, meaning that no added heat is used when pressing the olives for oil to ensure a high-quality product. While adding heat to the process extracts more oil from the olives, it also destroys the delicate aromas and flavors that are great for enhancing the taste of your meals.

Imported from Italy
Orthodox Union Kosher
Acidity 0-.8%
Great for salad dressings, pasta dishes, and antipasto
Pure, healthier oil
High in antioxidants
Cold pressing process extracts oil from olives and ensures a high-quality product

As the most refined olive, its usage varies from desserts to main dishes. Replace butter with olive oil in a chocolate mousse recipe, for a thicker texture and more delicate taste.