Rain Wizard Diverter Flex Kit


Rain Wizard Diverter Flex Kit

Product description

The Rain Wizard Flex Kit is the first diverter system that will work with ANY rain barrel and virtually every downspout. The design is simple, and the kit includes all the needed tools. With the rain barrel Diverter Flex Kit, you don't have to worry about tearing your gutter off the house and messing with countless screws. You can also keep your gutters completely intact, just in case you decide to move your rain barrel to a different location or store it for the season.

Installation is quick and easy. On the downspout, simply drill a hole with the included hole saw. Then insert the rubber rain catch. The rain catch design allows the collection of water as it runs down the walls of your downspout while it filters out any leafy debris. Next, drill a hole in your rain barrel at the same level and insert the flanged rubber receiver. Finally, connect the diverter and receiver with the included flexible tubing, and you're done!

Minimal modification to your downspout
Keep using downspout regularly even if you move your rain barrel
3' flex tube and connection points
Hole saws included
Fits all standard downspouts (2x3 and 3x4)
Set up in about 5 minutes

INCLUDES: 2 Hole Saw Set (gutter and rain barrel), 1 Fill Hose, 1 Flexfit Diverter - fits inside the gutter, 2 Screws, 1 Winter Hole Cover, Instructions