Regal Spice Country Chicken Seasoning 5 oz


Regal Spice Country Chicken Seasoning 5 oz

Product description
Bring the flavors of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking to your kitchen with Regal country chicken seasoning.

Create hearty home-style meals that will keep your customers coming back for more with this Regal country chicken seasoning. This popular poultry seasoning is made from a blend of thyme, sage, marjoram, rosemary, pepper, and nutmeg. A mainstay of Pennsylvania Dutch-style cooking, it is found in stuffing, pot pies, and soups. This convenient blend is ready-to-use and will help cut down on the number of individual seasonings used in your recipes.

Comes Pre-Blended: For your convenience, this blend comes pre-mixed with thyme, sage, marjoram, rosemary, pepper, and nutmeg. Not only does this save your staff the hassle of mixing the ingredients themselves, but it also ensures that the ratios of the components are consistent.

Great Poultry Seasoning: As its name suggests, this blend is perfect for seasoning chicken, turkey, and other types of poultry in a variety of different dishes.

Versatile Ingredient: Whether you're making pot pies, casseroles, soups, or stuffing, the Regal country chicken seasoning will add a savory flavor to your meals.

Package Size 5 oz. Type: Meat / Poultry Blends

• Pre-blended seasoning adds convenience to any recipe
• Cuts down the number of individual spices you need
• Easily accessible for any pantry
• Great for chicken and poultry dishes
• Popular for Pennsylvania Dutch-style meals