Regal Spice Gourmet Peppercorn Medley 8 oz.


Regal Spice Gourmet Peppercorn Medley 8 oz.

Product description

Give your foods a unique peppery blend with the Regal Gourmet Peppercorn Medley.

The Regal Gourmet Peppercorn Medley features white, black, green, and pink peppercorns, all of which have unique flavors. Their colors look especially great when stored in clear acrylic pepper mills, which can show off this blend's interesting appearance. Put out individual grinders or stock your back-of-house area to season your food while it's cooking. This medley even comes in a handy 8 oz. container.

Gluten-Free! This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

Whole Peppercorns! Because this product comes whole, this spice maintains its flavor longer than ground options. It's also more versatile since it can be left whole or ground to a coarse or fine consistency.

Comes Pre-Blended! This medley consists of a mixture of black, white, green, and pink peppercorns, all of which add a unique flavor to your foods.

Versatile Ingredient! This gourmet peppercorn medley is a great addition to a sachet d'epices for seasoning stews and soups or for garnishing your plates.

Regal Spice Brand! Regal Herbs and Spices are a smart addition to any kitchen. This handy 8 oz. container is easily accessible for your cooking and seasoning needs.

Why is this container not completely filled to the top? Extra space within the container is necessary during the manufacturing process for this product. After time, this spice will naturally settle creating more space within the container.

Is this product packaged in a BPA-free container? Yes, the plastic spice storage container is BPA-free.