Roxy & Rich Matte Forsythia Hybrid Petal Dust 1/4oz. (8 ml)


Roxy & Rich Matte Forsythia Hybrid Petal Dust 1/4oz. (8 ml)

Product description

Turn your sugar flowers and cake decorations into eye-catching works of art with this Roxy & Rich 1/4 oz. Matte Forsythia Petal Dust! This product is made up of tiny microcapsules of liquid color that activate when brushed onto your confectionery creations, imparting your sugar flowers with vivid, lifelike hues. This vibrant, forsythia-yellow petal dust is a perfect way to add stunning color to your decorations and sugar work! Its matte finish will add a realistic and professional touch to sugar flowers and other embellishments on your cakes and cupcakes. Plus, this safe-to-eat product can be used to color many other foods and beverages - the possibilities are practically endless!

This Roxy & Rich Matte Forsythia Petal Dust couldn't be easier to use! It is designed for dry application, so all you have to do is brush it directly onto your sugar work to add rich color. If you prefer to paint your decorations, this product can be mixed with water to create a paint that brushes on easily. No matter how you choose to use it, this petal dust will help you turn ordinary baked creations into eye-catching masterpieces!

♡ Easy way to add rich color to sugar flowers and other cake decorations
♡ Vivid forsythia-yellow hue and matte finish
♡ Dry application makes coloring your decorations a snap
♡ 100% Edible
♡ Mix with water to transform into paint
♡ Dairy-Free, Nut Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free
♡ Flavor: No Flavor, Simple Sugar
♡ Package Size: .25 oz.

Roxy & Rich brings decorators food coloring products of the highest quality to make their confections stand out with unparalleled brilliance. Beginning in 2011, Roxy & Rich Inc. was founded on the passion to create beautifully colored chocolates, which led to the production of their edible cocoa butter-colored products. Over the years, the company began to focus its mission on creating a wider range of food colorings that were edible and effective. Through constant innovation, unique scientific technology, and inspiration, Roxy & Rich has continued to expand its product portfolio of food colorings to deliver new and exciting products that provide instant, perfectly blended color and a brilliant, lasting luster to foods.