Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook


Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook

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The Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook contains more than 70 delicious, easy-to-make recipes, all using the world's no.1 bourbon to bring a whiskey-flavored twist to your favorite meals and drinks.

Enjoy Bourbon Baby Back Ribs and the ultimate Kentucky Quarter Pounder burger, or try Bourbon Chocolate Truffles and a classic Old Fashioned cocktail - all infused with the taste of Jim Beam bourbon.

With recipes for cocktails, to feed a crowd, for the barbecue, or everyday eating, there's a Jim Beam recipe for every occasion.

Recipes include:
Pancakes with Bacon and Bourbon Syrup
Jim Beam Chicken Nuggets
Sticky Bourbon Wings With Asian Slaw
Pulled Pork Tacos with Sweetcorn Salsa
Spiked Chili Con Carne
Slow-cooked Whiskey Brisket
Roast Chicken with Jim's Gravy
Bourbon-glazed Salmon Fillets
Bourbon Cherry Brownies
Apple Crumble with Beam-infused Cream
New York Bourbon Cheesecake
Jim's Mint Julep
Sour Jim Whiskey Sour
Old Fashioned

Since 1795, the Beam family has been producing one of the world's premier brands of bourbon whiskey. Throughout seven generations, the recipe for Jim Beam's signature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has remained essentially the same, making it a taste that has been enjoyed and shared over the decades. Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook contains 70 recipes that include this classic bourbon whiskey, from appetizers to main dishes to desserts-and cocktails, of course. Ideal for backyard barbecues as well as elegant dinners, the dishes in this book will leave your guests wondering what secret ingredient has given your food such a distinctive flavor.

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