New & Improved Toastee Bags, Reusable Toaster Bags for Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches & Snacks, 16 Bags
New & Improved Toastee Bags, Reusable To... from $14.87 $24.95
NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN! Easier to clean than ever before! Say goodbye to messes and hello to perfectly toasted or grilled sandwiches. Perfect for Sandwiches, Panini, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Sticks, French Fries, Cheese Sticks, Pizza, Wraps, and MoreThe Toastee Bag is the quick and easy way to ensure no more soggy leftovers from the microwave. Just place your food in the bag and then heat it in a toaster, grill, oven, griddle, or even a microwave until it's done for a perfectly toasted meal. Our bags are heat resistant up to 500 F so they'll stand up to what you can throw at them. Make sure to let them cool before removing from the toaster.  And the best thing is they'll toast without butter. . .all of the great toasted flavor without the mess. Nothing sticks to the bag so it's easy to clean. Each bag is heavy-duty 120g weight material so it can be re-used multiple times. Just wash with warm soapy water or place face down on the top rack of your dishwasher.Each bag is approximately 6" wide and 7" tall so they'll fit almost all toaster and bread sizes. Also, they comply with food regulations so no need to worry about the food that comes out.  It will be delicious and safe.  The bags also prevent gluten cross-contamination if you or someone in your family has a gluten intolerance.Look for the Cucina logo on each bag. Original TOASTEE Bags were designed by an American company, tested in American homes by Americans and shipped from the USA. Knock-offs appear similar, different color, lesser grade.
Laguiole en Aubrac Folding Knife with Solid Horn handle, 12cm
Laguiole en Aubrac Folding Knife with So... $185.99
A handy tool that displays elegance in any situation. Unlike mass produced competitors, with the Laguiole en Aubrac Stainless Sommelier Corkscrew, you can be ensured that you are buying a product that will last a lifetime and will surpass your expectations.
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Refrigerator Thermometer by Dry Age Chef
Refrigerator Thermometer by Dry Age Chef $9.87 $29.99
Knowing and maintaining a consistent temperature in your refrigerator is necessary when dry-aging your meat. Too hot or too cold and the magic of dry-aging will not work to its full potential. Our fridge thermometer allows you to easily see exactly what temperature your fridge is at, no guessing involved. Simply place it in your dry aging locker, check to see what the temperature is, and adjust as necessary to maintain the ideal temperature. Once you've got that, you're ready to start dry aging! Dry Age Chef can provide you with all the tools necessary to start dry-aging steak in the comfort of your own home. Please search for our other products (check for our combo packages and get more for your money) or contact us with any questions you have. We love hearing from fellow meat enthusiasts. Also Available from Dry Age Chef:  • Dry Age Chef "Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instructional Guide Booklet  • Dry Age Chef Dry-Aging Meat Glory Record Book - Track Your Meat Ventures!  • Dry Age Chef All Purpose Butcher Knife  • Dry Age Chef 16" Stainless Steel Beef Master Butcher Hand Saw for Meat and Bone  • Dry Age Chef Hybrid Beef Cutting Board  • Dry Age Chef Leather Strap and Denim Apron Unisex  • Dry Age Chef Oil Resistant Unisex Apron with Pockets  • Dry Age Chef Large Beef Rack and Dry Aging Pan  • Dry Age Chef Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Bricks  • Dry Age Chef BEEFMASTER Cuff Links, Set of 2  • Dry Age Chef Charcuterie, Cheese, Chocolate Boards Kit 
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FRESHMILL HerbZ Frozen Herb Mill
FRESHMILL HerbZ Frozen Herb Mill $17.99 $24.95
FRESHMILL HerbZ French innovation has never tasted so fresh! FRESHMILL HerbZ is the first two in one fresh herb preserver and grater. Once herbs are washed and dried place in the Freshmill and store directly in your freezer. When ready to use, grate directly on to food and place the remainder back in the freezer. This handy gadget eliminates wastage due to faded leaves and spoilage while preserving the fragrant flavors of fresh herbs. FRESHMILL HerbZ is perfect for all types of herbs including cilantro, basil, chives and more. FRESHMILL HerbZ is perfect for preserving herbs used on occasion for specialty dishes or end of season storage for herb gardeners. Enjoy fresh herbs all year round with Freshmill! The FRESHMILL HerbZ is an innovative kitchen gadget, which allows you to store fresh culinary herbs directly in your freezer and to mince them on demand. For the fresh herbs lovers, FRESHMILL HerbZ eliminates the waste of faded leaves during storage and preserves the fresh flavor of your favorite herbs throughout the seasons. FRESHMILL HerbZ shortens the time of preparation of the herbs (fast and easy mincing, no washing of tools). Those who already use frozen herbs will greatly appreciate how FRESHMILL HerbZ improves the sprinkling on the dishes and the long-term preservation of the flavor. The FRESHMILL HerbZ has won multiple awards including two gold medals at the international Lépine Competition.
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Marble and Wood Cheese Board With Agate Inlay
Marble and Wood Cheese Board With Agate ... $59.99 $94.99
This beautiful, natural cheese board boasts a beautiful slab of white marble and wood with a slice of agate embedded. Perfect for entertaining guests, this cheese board makes a great addition to any kitchen.Uniquely shaped marble cheese board with wood and genuine agate accentsLarge surface area, Approx Dimensions: 14" x 9"Food safe, Hand washDue to the nature of the materials, appearance may vary slightly from the product pictured
Dry Age Chef DIY Infused or Flavored Olive Oil Kit
Dry Age Chef DIY Infused or Flavored Oli... from $59.87 $74.99
The Portabella 17 oz. Olive Oil Bottle, Rustic Italian Flair. Reflect the special personality of your home or event by serving olive oil you created. These elegant, green-tinted subtle, olive oil bottles are ideal for your oil, and a cork stopper allows your homemade oil to breathe and removes easily for use. Overall Bottle Dimensions: Top Diameter: 1-1/2", Bottom Diameter: 3-1/4", Maximum Diameter: 4", Height: 8". The 32 oz. Textured Glass Bale Wire Giara Oil Bottle is perfect for infusing larger portions of olive oil for meal prep and giving guests the opportunity to really get into your home-made olive oil. A great size for parties and weddings! A perfectly balanced design to rest on trays, tables, and at your bread bar. At the same time, the round base and textured pattern add a modern look to your home, party, or event. With this delightful glass bottle, you can ensure your guests get an artistic view of your olive oil as well as a function for an unforgettable experience. The Giara bottle design is reminiscent of old Sicilian bottles from the early 1800s. Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter: 1-1/8", Bottom Diameter: 3-1/4", Height: 12-1/2". The Tuscany 8 oz. Olive Oil Bottle. Bring a taste of Tuscany to your home with the Tuscany 8 oz. Olive Oil Bottles that accompany our exclusive Dry Age Chef DIY Olive Oil Kit. The sophisticated, green-tinted bottle can be filled with olive oil, use at bread bars, buffets, or at your home table. Filled with your infused olive oil and spices for beautiful decorations that reflect your unique style and taste. The classic rounded shape exudes a traditional Italian style and makes any table spread look bountiful and lush. With a capacity of 8 oz., it is the perfect size to accommodate hungry people at your home, and an easy-to-remove cork stopper allows your product to breathe while maintaining a timeless appeal. Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter: 1-1/2", Bottom Diameter: 2", Maximum Diameter: 2-7/8", Height: 7-1/4". For gifting, seal the cork on your newly infused oil by dripping wax from a scented candle to seal the bottle.
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Dry Age Chef Bourbon Holiday Gift Set- Rack, Pan, Cheese Cloth, Glory Record, Guide
Dry Age Chef Bourbon Holiday Gift Set- R... $63.16 $129.99
DIY KIT, Dry Aging Beef at Home, Ready-to-use with Bourbon, ideal gift for the Bourbon and Steak lover! The perfect gift for the meat connoisseur of the family. This kit includes a few of our best selling items to ensure you have all you need to enjoy beautifully aged steak. Individually these items would cost over $125. Purchase them together and use that extra money to buy more steak! This combination of Dry Age Chef Pan, Rack, Bourbon Cheesecloth, Himalayan Salt is the ideal place for bourbon soaking prior to dry aging your beef. This size rack and pan is ideal to hold your sub-primal size beef and was designed to work perfectly together in dry-aging your beef. This gift package also includes the "Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instruction Booklet (details the process of dry-aging so you can join the legions of other Dry Age Chefs) and the Dry Age Chef Glory Record Tracking/Notes Book for documenting your efforts. Bourbon Grade, Organic Cotton, Cheese Cloth by Dry Age Chef, a full 8 sq. yds. (72 sq. ft.), Grade 50 for plenty of dry aging. Cheesecloth wrapping helps in retaining the Bourbon flavor while still allowing to dry age. Our Dry Age Chef Bourbon Grade Cheese Cloth is made from 100% organic and unbleached cotton to prevent chemicals, dyes or toxins leaching into your meat. Dry Age Chef designed this weave this specifically for Bourbon or Whiskey soaking meat prior and during dry aging. 72 square feet of cheesecloth allows wrapping many large sub-primal or sections of beef or meat. Kit includes: 1 Dry Age Chef Rack & Pan 1 Dry Aging Beef at Home instructional pamphlet by Dry Age Chef 1 Package of Bourbon Grade Cheese Cloth 1 Dry Age Chef Glory Record Tracking/Notes Book 2.5lbs of Dry Age Chef Himalayan Dry Aging Salt
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Boska Holland Manhattan Black Pestle and Mortar
Boska Holland Manhattan Black Pestle and... $60.84 $69.99
Bring your cooking skills to the next level. This Pestle and Mortar by Boska Holland is perfect for personal and professional kitchens. Great for grinding herbs, spices, nuts, and much more!Mortar 7-1/10" diameter x 3-9/10" H
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Vagnbys Smart Carafe - LED Illuminated
Vagnbys Smart Carafe - LED Illuminated $59.99 $79.99
Bring style and class to your Carafe. With a built-in LED light and frosted glass, your favorite drinks can now be enjoyed with the highest level of elegance. Modern, stylish carafe. The LED light and frosted glass create a sophisticated, elegant glow on your table or bar. Made of frosted glass, mirror-finished stainless steel, ABS and silicone. Batteries included.0.9-liter capacity. Hand wash only.
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Vagnbys Multi Carafe
Vagnbys Multi Carafe $56.24 $74.99
The removable bottom system means you can fill with all your favorite specialties and add interest to your table by adding fruit, ice, flowers, etc in the bottom. Your imagination is the limit. Then twist closed and fill glasses from the top Made from glass, stainless steel, ABS, PP, and silicone. 0.9-liter capacity. In Use Dim: 3.50"L x 3.50"W x 13.20"H
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Vagnbys Waiter Tool
Vagnbys Waiter Tool $26.99 $44.99
The Waiter's knife in usual stylish Vagnbys design combines functional features with an exquisite look. The integrated foil cutter provides quick and clean removal of the capsule. The double lever function is absorbed cork off the screw Möhelos Two Steps From The Bottle. Rust-proof stainless steel ensures a long service life. A must-have for any connoisseurs or wine lovers.
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Zodax Silver Moose Head Bottle Stopper
Zodax Silver Moose Head Bottle Stopper $16.99 $19.99
Keep your wine fresh with this majestic moose-themed bottle stopper.
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Zodax Silver Deer Head Wine Cooler
Zodax Silver Deer Head Wine Cooler $44.65 $49.99
Features: Material: Nickel Reindeer design. 11" H x 9.25" W x 7.5" D, 1 lb.
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Sous Vide Supreme Vacuum Pouches/Bags, 1-Gallon
Sous Vide Supreme Vacuum Pouches/Bags, 1... $13.99 $15.99
The SousVide Supreme vacuum-sealable food-safe pouches/bags are specially designed to withstand the temperatures involved with sous vide cooking, but can also be used for storing any kind of food or dry goods. These pouches work perfectly with the SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer VS3000. They have been third-party tested and verified to be free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), lead, and phthalates, and are compliant with EU directive 2002/72/EC. (SKU: SVV-00202)(MODEL: VSD100BG) 12 One Gallon (3.8 Liter) Pouches/Bags Per Box. Dimensions: 11" x 15.75". Thickness: 3 mils (85 microns)   Designed specifically for use in sous vide cooking Food safe and third party tested Free of BPA, lead, and phthalates High-temperature tolerance Includes 12 pouches
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Farfalli UNO Stopper Wine Set - Black
Farfalli UNO Stopper Wine Set - Black $39.99 $97.99
The perfect gift for the wine connoisseur(s) in your life. Features a two-step lever corkscrew and a stainless steel wine stopper. Redefine the experience of enjoying wine with the elegant beauty and contemporary design of an UNO Stopper Wine Set. Made of the highest quality materials, this Italian made set features a two-step lever corkscrew and a stainless steel wine stopper. Each set comes in its own case, making these items a unique gift for any occasion. Made by Farfalli. Since 1950, Farfalli strives to produce the finest quality wine openers and corkscrews while using the latest materials to enhance traditional designs. UNO Stopper Wine Set Contains: Two-step lever corkscrew Stainless steel wine stopper Gift box