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Eisch Superior Breathable, Set of 6
Eisch Superior Breathable, Set of 6 $99.00 $169.99
Wine poured in Sensis plus glasses becomes more harmonious and complex, with better balance and greater elegance. Through a completely natural process, the original character and structure of the wine are preserved, while its aromas and flavors become more expressive and generous. Sensis plus glasses also improve the enjoyment of spirits, fruit juices, sparkling water, and other beverages. Experience Sensis plus and discover the wine's true flavor.
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"Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instructions & ... $12.87 $19.99
Instructions and Guide Booklet on how to Dry Age Beat at Home!
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Dry Aging Beginners Kit by Dry Age Chef - Perfect Holiday Gift!
Dry Aging Beginners Kit by Dry Age Chef ... $62.48 $79.99
Begin your journey to better tasting steaks right here.   Dry Age Chef offers the best products at the best prices, giving you everything you need to start dry aging in your own home. Our Dry Age Chef Beginners Kit provides the bare necessities of dry aging. Once you taste the steak you create, we're certain you'll want more. Give us a call and ask about our other products, such as cutting boards, chefs knives, and more. This kit includes:  Large Rack & Pan 5lb Bag of Himalayan Salt Dry Age Chef Instructional Guide 3 Pairs of Food Handling Gloves
Dry Aging Package by Dry Age Chef - Perfect for Dry Aging Steak at Home
Dry Aging Package by Dry Age Chef - Perf... from $92.36 $89.87
Dry Aging Beef at home is life-changing with the curated, Dry Age Chef program packages.Three levels of beef dry-aging packages available for the beginner, expert, and jefe. Designed to be all-inclusive of the skill level you choose and empower you to successfully dry age beef at home.Entertain at home with premium, chef-quality, dry-aged steaks at about one-third the cost of five-star steak houses. You only need a dedicated refrigerator (meat locker) and the beef, as all three levels of curated programs include everything else to get started without the need for further shopping.All packaged programs have been designed to get you started in dry-aging beef at home with instructions, guide, and FAQs. You will also gain important knowledge on beef, primal, and various other cuts used for retail and the trade. You will learn what steaks come from what pieces, along with many illustrations, and pictures to further enhance your education.The curated, progressive packages include more of what you'll need to dry-age more beef, in addition to extra or upgraded items. You can also upgrade later once you get the fever, please call us to upgrade.
Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Brick by Dry Age Chef
Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Brick by Dry Ag... $32.87
Sold as a Single (1) 8" x 4" x 2" Salt Brick Jurassic-era salt mined from ancient deposits in the Himalayan Mountains using the traditional room and pillar method. Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Bricks serve to sanitize the air in your refrigerator while also absorbing moisture. The salt aerosolizes, bonding to the surface of the meat which plays a large part in the dry-aging process of beef. It also provides an additional element of flavor to the beef during the enzymatic breakdown process. All-Natural, Non-GMO Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free Lactose-Free, Vegetarian/Vegan Kosher Certified, Organic Compliant No preservatives or genetic engineering applied during production Does not contain melamine Processed and packed in the USA Color varies from white and pink to dark red Store in a dry environment with a humidity level below 75% Temperature should be ambient These dense blocks cook with near-perfect heat distribution while imparting a well-rounded salt flavor. They can be used as a cooking surface or in the oven. You can even chill them in the fridge or freezer and they become an elegant serving tray for fruits, sushi, vegetables, and cheese. Wipe with clean, damp cloth/paper towel to remove remaining food bits. Avoid running under water or submerging in water. Any remaining moisture can cause breakage upon heating. Be sure to let dry for at least 24 hours after exposure to moisture. No need for soap or detergent as it's naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial. If you wish, occasionally freshen with a bit of lemon juice. The appearance of the brick will change over time. The more varieties of food cooked and served upon it, the more likely the surface will acquire various, interesting new color shades. This merely adds to the irregular beauty of the brick. It may also develop small fissures and cracks over time; this is typical with regular use. When finally too small for cooking or serving on, it's the perfect size to grate over food, break up for making soup, or even throw in your tub for a detoxifying salt bath. Salt Bricks are a natural product. Himalayan pink salt is a natural product mined from the Salt Range in Pakistan. No slab is alike; each has unique color and inclusions, resulting in a different threshold for pressure and temperature. While slabs are examined for weak spots, Wallace Flynn Inc. is not responsible for damages, injury, or loss due to any use of Himalayan salt products.
Large Beef Rack, Dry Aging Pan & Dry Aging Beef at Home Instructions & Guide Booklet by Dry Age Chef - Perfect for Dry Aging Steak at Home!
Large Beef Rack, Dry Aging Pan & Dry Agi... $40.36
Dry Age Chef provides combo packages as a way to provide savings along with proper items you will need to start dry aging meat in the comfort of their own home.  Heavy duty rack support (six legs) will hold the largest cuts that are readily available. Save money and dry age steak at home.This combo package includes1 Large Rack and Pan to hold your salt and your the beef or meat you would like to age, large enough to hold upwards to 22 - 24lbs. of beef1 "Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instruction Booklet detailing the process of dry aging so you can join the legions of other Dry Age Chefs
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Eisch No Drip Effekt Decanter with Handle in Gift Box
Eisch No Drip Effekt Decanter with Handl... $99.00 $349.99
The "No Drip Effekt" design of this Eisch decanter helps to avoid red wine stains. When wine is poured, the NO DRIP EFFEKT almost completely prevents the formation of drops at the rim of the glass. As a result, no drops of red wine will run down the outside of the decanter. This guarantees perfect stain protection of the vessel and table-cloth. The No Drip Effekt is based on a special treatment of the glass surface which permanently prevents drops from running down the outside of the decanter. Cleaning Instructions: The No Drip Effekt will keep its unlimited effectiveness if you avoid strong scrubbing in the coating area and do not clean the decanter in the dishwasher. After manual washing, the surface treated area must be carefully cleaned with clear water in order to avoid any detergent deposits -- ideally just use clear water for cleaning the decanter. Then, just wipe dry with a soft cloth. The decanter is 100% handmade of quality lead free crystal. The handle compliments the shape of the decanter and aids in pouring. The Decanter Shape Especially younger red wines need to be in contact with atmospheric oxygen in order to develop their optimum bouquet. Usually, such wines are therefore opened some hours before they are drunk and are left standing in the decanting carafe to allow optimum development of the bouquet. In order to ensure best possible contact between wine and atmospheric oxygen, the decanting carafe is of a big-bellied design and is dimensioned such that a standard 0.75 liter bottle of wine just fills it up half-way. At this point, there is a maximum contact area between wine and atmospheric oxygen, which is the best possible prerequisite for bouquet development.
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Bourbon Grade, Organic Cotton, Cheese Cloth by Dry Age Chef, a full 8 sq. yds. (72 sq. ft.), Grade 50
Bourbon Grade, Organic Cotton, Cheese Cl... $17.87 $24.95
The fine mesh of the Grade 50 Cheese Cloths is ideal for soaking your cut of beef with Bourbon or Whiskey for Dry Aging. For the best results, wrap the meat with cheesecloth about two or maybe three times- experiment. Cheesecloth wrapping helps in retaining the Bourbon flavor while still allowing to dry age. Our Dry Age Chef Bourbon Grade Cheese Cloth is made from 100% organic and unbleached cotton to prevent chemicals, dyes or toxins leaching into your meat. Dry Age Chef designed, chose this weave and size specifically for Bourbon or Whiskey soaking meat prior and during dry aging. 72 square feet of cheese cloth allows to wrap many large sub-primals or sections of beef or meat.Dry Aging Made Easy!  A combination of preparation, and a lot of chemistry goes on during the dry again process, including important enzyme-on-protein action. As the meat ages, enzymes that were contained the the muscles' cells work free and become a kind of creative wrecking crew. They break down proteins into amino acids, so the flavor deepens. They turn the small amounts of carbohydrates in the meat into sugars, so the taste seems sweeter. They also weaken connective tissue around protein strands so the meat becomes more tender. there's a craft to aging beef, it's a skill and a style that you can explore and learn from Dry Age chef. This Dry Age Chef Cheese Cloth is versatile and can be used in many aspects of food preparation, and can even be used from cleaning and polishing. 
Glory Record Book by Dry Age Chef
Glory Record Book by Dry Age Chef $28.49
  Keeping track of your dry aging process is important to monitor progress and, helps improve your skills. A place to record steps taken, comments, and results of dry aging beef at home, place for a pen (included) to stay handy. Space for sticker from your meat purchase along with two full pages of notes and reminders.
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Two Himalayan Salt Bricks & Dry Aging Booklet by Dry Age Chef
Two Himalayan Salt Bricks & Dry Aging Bo... $54.87 $69.99
Dry Aging essentials at a great discounted price.  We at Dry Age Chef believe anyone that values a good steak should consider dry aging in their own home.  This kit provides our instructional guide that explains in detail how easy it can be to dry age meat, valuable hints and tips to perfect the craft, and also 2 of our Himalayan Salt Bricks to place in your fridge to assist the process. . .trust us, having salt in the fridge is a huge help in drying your meat effectively and these large bricks do a wonderful job assisting the dry aging process.Whether you have toyed with dry aging before or are a complete newcomer, Dry Age Chef has all of the tools necessary for you to become a Beefmaster and make delicious dry aged steak in your home that could cost you hundreds of dollars at a restaurant.  Save money, impress your friends and family, enjoy your steak like never before.
2GO! Snacks Organic Dried Fruit Assortment 4 Pack
2GO! Snacks Organic Dried Fruit Assortme... $15.91
VARIETY PACK 2GO! healthy snacks for adults give you the option to taste and enjoy all the flavors. 100% Organic Certified - USDA Organic Great snack to have on the GO! - hiking, bike trips. Adults and children love them. NATURAL AND ORGANIC FRUITS 2GO! uses selected sweet Colombian fruits based on the highest quality standards, we guarantee our delicious taste and properties. Also, our fruits fresh organic does not contain sulfites or other preservatives RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY TOWARDS OUR CONSUMER 2GO! dried fruit is focused on generating an ecosystem of social, human, and environmental well-being. We improve our processes and constantly help Colombian communities where more than 300 families benefit. Offering transparent product traceability and the best value for money. EVERYWHERE 2GO! dried fruit snacks come in convenient 1.76oz packaging, to be easily handled and consumed at any time, it is a healthy fruit snack for adults and healthy snacks for kids, at any time after exercising, between meals, to share at parties, events with friends and also as a nutritious and healthy gift. HEALTHY SNACKS 2GO! dried fruits provide a high percentage of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for the daily diet because it is dehydrated, and by not being heated they preserve all their nutritional composition and feeds our bodies with a great flavor. 2Go! was founded by Team USA Triathlete and international author, Carime Muvdi, to promote 100% Organic healthy snacks and Fair Trade with Colombian farmers. We provide an integral experience of flavor to our customers. 2GO! improves the living conditions for over 300 families in the rural and often marginalized areas of Colombia. We support the local regions by promoting responsible and sustainable agriculture. Our products are 100% certified organic, Fair Trade and we use no sugars, additives, or preservatives during production. Our mission is to generate an ecosystem of social, human, and environmental well-being. We encourage consumers to assume responsibility by spreading awareness of the source of the product. We emphasize the importance of sustainable development within the communities that grow, process, and package the fruits in Colombia.
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Flexible Silicone Wine Glass Stemware Saver, Set of 4
Flexible Silicone Wine Glass Stemware Sa... $12.49 $19.99
Washing your wine glasses can be risky business, especially when you're using your dishwasher. Now, no more broken wine glasses in the dishwasher! Protect your fine glasses with these highly durable, dishwasher-safe silicone wine glass holders. Fully adjustable to provide a strong but delicate hold ensures that your glasses stay put when run through the dishwasher cycle. Simply place the hollow base over a dishwasher post, clasp the other end onto a wine glass stem, and adjust as necessary. • Hollow base slides over dishwasher post. • End clasp clips onto wine glass stem. • Adjust the rod to fit the glass on either the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher. Product Size: about 17cm (6-3/4 in) Material: Silicone Suitable for kitchen glass cleaning Package Contents: 4 pcs Only the above package content, other products are included. Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm. Silicone Stemware Saver Flexible Stemware Holder Dishwasher Wine Glass Protector Tether Silicone Dishwasher Attachment
Primio d'Oro Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 Liter Tin - Imported from Italy
Primio d'Oro Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin O... $35.99
Olive Oil was a representation of peace in Greco-Roman times and has been a symbol of glory and a staple food source for the great Mediterranean for centuries. This premium Primio d'Oro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from hearty, fresh olives and is drawn from the "first press" to retain the most natural flavor with a buttery and fruity aroma. As a cold-pressed oil, the olives aren't damaged by a heat source in the processing, ensuring pleasant and true organoleptic notes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no trans fat and no cholesterol, thus a healthy addition for any kind of cooking, drizzling on vegetables, marinades, vinaigrettes, and finishing. Pure and healthy, this extra virgin olive oil is a smart addition to any kitchen! Its light and delicate taste are perfect for finishing focaccia bread, whisking together salad dressings, finishing pasta, and making croutons. Made from pressed olives, this olive oil can be used to add a Mediterranean flair to your meals, with recipes like antipasto platters and chickpea hummus. Healthier Alternative! Simply substitute extra virgin olive oil for butter or other oils in your cooking, and it's easy to make your dishes just a little bit healthier. Compared to other types of olive oil that may be diluted with soybean or canola oil, this extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives using natural methods. Easy Pour Spout! Since it is pure, it has enhanced sensory qualities like taste and smell and it is high in healthy antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is heart-healthy, and it contains vitamins and beneficial fatty acids. Plus, its easy-pour spout makes dispensing a breeze. As good for your health as it is for your meals, you're sure to find plenty of uses for this premium extra virgin olive oil! Cold-Pressed Process! This oil goes through a cold-pressed process, meaning that no added heat is used when pressing the olives for oil to ensure a high-quality product. While adding heat to the process extracts more oil from the olives, it also destroys the delicate aromas and flavors that are great for enhancing the taste of your meals. Imported from Italy Orthodox Union Kosher Keto Acidity 0-.8% Great for salad dressings, pasta dishes, and antipasto Pure, healthier oil High in antioxidants Cold pressing process extracts oil from olives and ensures a high-quality product As the most refined olive, its usage varies from desserts to main dishes. Replace butter with olive oil in a chocolate mousse recipe, for a thicker texture and more delicate taste.
Capora 3.5 lb. Mocha Frappe Mix, Restaur... $36.99
Enjoy a coffeehouse experience no matter the atmosphere with this mocha frappe mix! Whether served from behind the counter or brought to the table, this frappe mix is sure to give your guests a caffeine jolt that keeps them coming back. The mocha flavor, with hints of dark roast beans and rich chocolate notes, adds the perfect sweetness to this high-quality prepared coffee beverage mix that pleases any palate.This 3.5 lb bag yields 39 standard 8 oz servings from one package and needs only liquid and ice to prepare, significantly increasing profit margins compared to other blended drinks that require numerous ingredients to achieve the same delicious flavors. This easy-to-use mix requires little prep work; simply blend with ice and water, or your milk of choice. For a bolder flavor and added caffeine, this mix can even be blended with coffee! Although intended for frozen frappes, this versatile frappe mix allows you to concoct a variety of delectable drinks that satisfy different customer needs all from one package. Instead of blending, pour the prepared mix over a glass of ice for a dreamy chilled beverage that's delicious in any weather. Or, for more traditional coffee drinkers, heat your liquid of choice before stirring in the mix for a classic brew with a chocolate twist. Large batches can even be prepared in a granita machine, making fast work of serving numerous patrons without the hassle of mixing individual drinks. No matter the application, this mocha frappe mix is sure to make every customer a regular.Serve Frozen• Blended Mocha Frappe (16 oz yield) 1/2 cup Capora Mocha Frappe Mix, 5 fl. oz. chilled coffee, milk, or water, 12 oz ice. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend thoroughly until smooth and serve.• Mocha Granita (1.75-gallon yield) 2 qt hot water, 1 package Capora Mocha Frappe Mix, 5 qt cold water. Combine hot water and Capora mix in a container. Stir until dissolved. Add cold water and stir to combine. Add the entire mixture to the bowl of your granita machine and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.Serve Hot or Iced• Hot Mocha Latte (12 oz yield) 1/3 cup Capora Mocha Frappe Mix, 10 fl oz hot water, milk, or dairy alternative. Combine frappe mix and your liquid of choice in a serving cup and stir to combine.• Iced Mocha Latte (12 oz yield) 1/3 cup Capora Mocha Frappe Mix, 10 fl oz hot water, milk, or dairy alternative. Combine frappe mix and your liquid of choice in a shaker. Shake for 30-60 seconds until thoroughly combined, then pour over ice and serve.• Premium caffeinated frappe mix featuring rich coffee and sweet chocolate flavors • Simply blend with water, milk, or coffee and ice to craft the perfect frozen coffee or frappe • Versatile mix can be used to craft premium hot, iced, or blended beverages • Can be prepared in bulk when used with a granita machine • Yields (39) 8 oz. prepared blended servings per bag
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Climadiff AutoVac Automatic Wine Preserver $24.99 $34.95
AutoVac keeps your wine fresher, longer - automatically! It pumps air out and seals flavor in, so you can enjoy a bottle over several days. Just place on bottle, automatic operation instantly seals your bottle of wine and removes air. Simply leave the wine preserver in place. The AutoVac keeps working automatically, senses if any air is seeping back into the bottle, and activates as needed. Auto shut-off. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).• The Climadiff Autobacs instantly seals your bottle of wine and automatically removes air from the bottle as needed• Simply place on top of an open bottle of wine and the Autobacs will keep the wine fresh for days• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)• Place the Autobacs on your open bottle of wine and it works automatically; continuously sensing if any air is seeping back into the bottle and activates the pump as needed• You can now enjoy your bottle of wine over several days