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ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation Supplement 600mg, 60 ct. 3 PACK-180 TOTAL

ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation Supplement 600mg, 60 ct. 3 PACK-180 TOTAL

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3 PACK of 60 count = 180 count

Zeolite: Cleanse Your Body, Reclaim Your Life!
Zeolite Detox, 600 mg per serving, All Natural

Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox Supplement. Found in volcanic rock, Zeolite may help to remove toxins from the body such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and pesticides, as well as the common radioactive isotopes found in nuclear fallout.

Zeolite can successfully target and remove many different harmful materials, like heavy metals and Graphene Oxide toxins, which are often mixed into other chemicals or vaccines. It is the go-to answer for radiation exposure.
Zeolite is 100% safe and natural. It's the volcanic mineral Clinoptilolite. It has a honeycomb-like structure and a negative ionic charge. This leads to only attracting positively charged toxic heavy metals, which are then naturally targeted and quickly trapped as they bind together into the honeycomb.
NOTE: The possible Graphene Oxide from vaccines will also bind to the zeolite. These toxins then safely pass all the way out of one's system. No worries though because none of the body's beneficial minerals are removed by Zeolite!
Zeolite is the world's best heavy metal detox supplement on the market.
Zeolite offers huge advantages when compared to the chemical heavy metal chelation therapy product known as Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid (EDTA). No blood work testing is required when detoxing with Zeolite since it is extremely safe. In comparison, blood work and kidney function tests must be performed multiple times when using EDTA as it can cause kidney damage, kidney failure, and anemia.

Zeolite additionally removes toxic radioactive heavy metals, including Gallium, Strontium, Plutonium, and other sources of contamination due to nuclear radioactive fallout.

Zeolite is the absolute best method for removing Thimerosal, or mercury, often found in vaccinated individuals. It also separates toxic mercury from those who have had dental amalgams, either before or after surgery.

PROCESS: Once the zeolite has bound to any found heavy metals after ingestion, it is then excreted through both urination and bowel movements. Throughout this process, heavy metals are not reabsorbed back into the body effectively and permanently leaving one's system, without any fear of re-contamination. Our approach is much different from EDTA and the many plant-based solutions (like chlorella, cilantro, citrus pectin, spirulina, milk thistle, and seaweed), which often re-introduce toxins on their slow descent out. This is why Zeolite is proven to be far superior when compared to all other products presently found on the market. When built-up heavy metals that often suppress immune systems are removed from the body, our immune systems can actually grow stronger! A bonus when taking Zeolite is that it also helps to balance our pH levels to their healthy norm.


Benefits of Zeolite
• #1 Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium...)
• Removes Radiation Particles (nuclear, x-rays, security scanners, medical)
• Detoxes Environmental Toxins (smoke particles, cell phone radiation, chemicals, plastics, pesticides)
• Stops Viruses and Parasites (smothers and starves them)
• Stops Mycotoxins (fungal, and mold spores)
• Relieves Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Morgellons, and "mystery" Diseases
• Relieves Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, and IBS
• Enhances Bone Formation and Red Blood Cells
• Relieves Symptoms of Chronic Diarrhea
• Natural Cleanse for Chemtrail Residue and Glyphosate Toxicity
• Natural Immunity Booster (makes stealth invaders visible and traps/zaps them)
• Balances Total Cholesterol (Reduces LDL and VLDL and Boosts Healthy HDL)
• Alkalizing Effect on Your Whole Body (alkaline effect on the body)

Ours is mined and made in the United States, not imported from China.
These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation Supplement 600mg, 60 ct. 3 PACK-180 TOTAL
ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation Supplement 600mg, 60 ct. 3 PACK-180 TOTAL353-917-So3
ZEOLITE Heavy Metal Detox Regenimation Supplement 600mg, 60 ct. 3 PACK-180 TOTAL353-917-So3
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