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Garden Wizard Rotolla
Garden Wizard Rotolla $99.00
The Garden Wizard Rotolla is a 2.5 gallon, in-ground watering pot. Designed after the ancient, unfired clay pots used for centuries, this pot will continuously release water into the surrounding soil for up to 48 hours. But unlike those pots of the past, this one is made from Polyethylene so it won't break apart over time and will never leach chemicals into your soil. In fact, it's FDA-approved for contact with edibles. Just bury it in the ground and let the pot do the work. Nearby plants will get the water they need and there's no loss to evaporation thanks to the special soaker hoses included. Great for keeping plants hydrated while you're gone for a long weekend. 2.5-gallon capacity Will not breakdown or degrade over time Continuous watering action up to 48 hours Zero water loss due to evaporation Unobtrusive like other watering solutions Will not overwater Easy to set up and no tools required Fully weather-resistant 1-year manufacturer's warranty Made in the USA INCLUDES: Instructions, (4) hose clamps, (4) soaker hoses, Rotolla pot with lid
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Compost Fiber 4-Pack
Compost Fiber 4-Pack $44.85
Good Ideas Inc brings you coco fiber a new eco-friendly alternative to peat moss. Peat moss is extracted from peat bogs that take thousands of years to form and years to recover and therefore is not a readily renewable resource. Peat bogs are part of a sensitive ecology that supports unique wildlife. Help protect peat bogs by using coco fiber a renewable resource that helps retain nutrients and balance moisture in composters and will continue to benefit your garden long after it leaves the composter. Using a completely natural, renewable resource for composting and gardening needs is definitely a good idea. Preparing your coco fiber Place one Coco Fiber brick into a 3 gallon (11.35L)or larger container. Add 1 gallon (3.78L) of warm water. Wait 20-30 minutes for maximum expansion. Mix thoroughly. Makes 1/4-1/3 cubic feet (2-2.5 Gallons or 8-9 liters). For best composting results allow coco fiber to sit out in sun to evaporate excess moisture. Coco Fiber is now ready for use. Composting Mix green and brown materials 1:2. Coco fiber is a brown, carbon-rich, material. In situations where coco fiber will act solely as your brown portion, use a 1:1 ratio. If you mix coco fiber with other brown materials, you will need to adjust your proportions accordingly, being careful not to add too much. If you have excess brown material, try adding water and/or more green ingredients to balance the batch. In cases where you wish to harvest compost tea, simply compress the compost and the coco fiber will release the compost tea. 100% Natural Coco Fiber Improves aeration Acts as a natural sponge Enhances decomposition Eco-Friendly alternative to peat moss Absorbs water-Reduces odors
English Composting Garden
English Composting Garden $215.00
The English Composting Garden is a stacking, vertical composting planter. The circular exterior is designed with a brick texture to give it that classical, stone appearance. Each planter pod can hold about 5 gallons of flora thanks to its circular construction and beautifully showcases plants and vegetation on all sides. The shape is especially useful for controlling the amount of sun or shade received by plants and strategically positioning the planter around the home or among the foliage. The pods can be stacked as desired (max 6 recommended) or may be used individually as planters around an area. The English Composting Garden features a hollowed fillable core that can hold additional soil, fertilizer, and compost. The pods are perfect for worm composting as they dramatically increase nutrient production when mixed with the compost, making plants thrive. With the pods stacked in a garden, worms can also penetrate the compost from the bottom, spreading nutrients to the plants in the tower and throughout the surrounding garden soil. The pods are constructed from polyethylene, a naturally inert, and incredibly strong material that's weatherproof and nature proof. Several drain holes allow moisture to escape to avoid root rot. Made in the USA with several color options. Includes 3 planter pods per package. Three stackable planter pods Can be stacked individually Drain holes to prevent root rot Interior composting chamber Weathered stone finish Sturdy construction, highly resistant to impacts and weather Made with FDA approved polyethylene in the USA 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty INCLUDES: Trilingual Instructions, (3) English Composting Garden planter pods Product Specifications Height: 28.5" Width: 23.5" Depth: 23.5" Weight: 25.5 lbs.
Antebellum 3-in-1 Vertical Garden Planter, Composter, and Birdbath
Antebellum 3-in-1 Vertical Garden Plante... $173.99
The Antebellum is the first-ever 3-in-1 vertical garden, composter, and birdbath. The Antebellum has 18 separate planter pot recesses to hold floral arrangements of all sizes. You could even plant hanging vines and edibles like peppers. The birdbath top is friction fit, making it easy to remove and clean. When it is removed, the open-top allows compostable items to be placed inside where they break down and not only feed nutrients to the soil within each planter pod but also to the ground the entire unit sits on. This unique composting method allows invertebrates such as worms and insects to travel up into the Antebellum, processing the organic waste into precious nitrates for plants. They also help spread these nitrites and nutrients into the surrounding soil; a perfect way to centrally rejuvenate a garden. Because the Antebellum uses vertical space, its footprint is very small. You could have hundreds or thousands of cubic feet of planting space with only a handful of units. And where the plants don't cover the unit, viewers are treated to a fine-mesh, weave texture that's very easy on the eyes. Virtually compatible with any decor, this 3-in-1 unit will make any gardener's dream. 35-gallon capacity vertical garden 18 planter pods for 360-degree planting Removable, self-draining planter top Can be used as a standing compost bin No-Fray wicker texture Extremely small footprint vs maximum plant capacity Made with FDA approved, BPA-free resin in the USA 1 year limited manufacturers warranty INCLUDES: Antebellum Planter with removable top Product Specifications Height: 39.5" Width: 20" Depth: 20" Weight: 20 lbs.
Classic Raised Bed Garden
Classic Raised Bed Garden $269.99
The Classic Raised Bed Garden is a 4 x 4-foot, 15-inch tall garden designed to be simple yet beautiful for any garden need. With the bright white color and durable plastic construction, you can trust this garden will last for years in harsh environments. Assembly is simple thanks to the limited number of components and takes only minutes to complete. Place the bed on any level surface to create a simple vegetable garden or a beautiful floral arrangement. Garden fabric is recommended but not included. 4" x 4" raised garden bed Made of the highest quality heavy-gauge PVC Ground-level 15-inches tall allows for deep planting and roots Knockdown construction Easy and ready to assemble in minutes, with no tools required Recommended for outdoor use Made in the USA 1-year manufacturer's warranty Product Specifications Height: 15" Width: 48" Depth: 48" Weight: 26 lbs.
Compost Wizard Compost Boost 6-Pack
Compost Wizard Compost Boost 6-Pack $33.00
Kick start your composting with our Enhanced Compost Accelerator. Each pack comes with two treatments. Mix 1 treatment with the package-recommended amount of water to activate your enzymes and make a powerful liquid mixture you just pour onto your compost pile. The enzymes start working immediately and supercharge helpful bacteria already in the pile. Each bag can treat over 24 cubic feet of compost. Reduces overall composting time Cuts foul composting odors Effective in a wide range of climates Greatly aids in cold weather composting Non-Toxic; Biodegradable See plant growth like never before 6-Pack (2 Packets each Pack (12 PACKETS TOTAL)
Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler Jr.
Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler Jr. $251.85
The next generation of composting is now available. The Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler combines some of the greatest features in our tumblers to create a compact tumbler that does it all. With compost tumblers, users are restricted to working with one batch at a time. The Dueling Tumbler overcomes this drawback by supporting two batches running simultaneously. Each 25-gallon chamber is separated and can compost independently. Also on the Dueling Tumbler is a compost tea collecting base that collects excess composting liquid for later use on plant roots and soil. As with the majority of our tumblers, the Dueling Tumbler is manufactured using recycled Polyethylene in Lake City, Pennsylvania. This plastic is BPA-free and FDA approved for contact with edibles. Setting up the composter is easy; Simply place the composter in a mostly sunny spot (partial shade in hotter climates) and you're done. The composter comes fully assembled. The Dueling Tumbler will take your composting to the next level. 7 cubic foot total capacity (3.5 per chamber) Fully Assembled - Low maintenance Compost Tea collecting base with wheels (up to 5 gallons) 8" twist lids to secure the chambers Safe for pets and children Black color for heat absorption Made in the USA with FDA approved materials 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty INCLUDES: Trilingual Instructions, Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler bin, Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler compost tea collecting base, 3/4" plug Product Specifications Height: 25" Width: 22" Depth: 30" Weight: 28 lbs.
Rain Barrel Soaker Hose 50'
Rain Barrel Soaker Hose 50' $56.00
Not all soaker hoses are created equal. Ours is specially made to be used in no-to-low flow applications, specifically with rain barrels. Regular soaker hoses are designed to be used with external house faucets which force water out through the porous rubber membrane. Rain barrels must rely on gravity to supply pressure which it does rather poorly. Our rain barrel soaker hose is formulated with unique rubber compounds. It is then fitted with sturdy injection-molded plastic attachments to allow hook up to all standard 1¾-inch threaded spigots. Set up is as easy as connecting the 50-foot hose to your rain barrel's spigot and running it through your garden by the base of your plants. You can even cover it with a thin layer of mulch to conceal it. Once installed, the hose will time-release water along its entire surface which minimizes water loss and constantly hydrates your plants. Make your rain barrel more effective and remove the need to constantly water ground-based plants with our Rain Barrel Soaker Hose. Specially designed for use with rain barrels Gradually releases water to plants Virtually ZERO loss to evaporation Perfect for arid climates and summertime 50' for running all through your garden Will work with all 1¾-inch spigots
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Rain Wizard Aspen Eco 50 Gallon Rain Saver
Rain Wizard Aspen Eco 50 Gallon Rain Saver $180.00
The Rain Wizard Aspen Eco 50 Gallon Rain Saver is the ideal introductory rain barrel. This 50-gallon rain saver comes in two pieces with a lid that is easy to remove for cleaning. The attractive brown color has a woodgrain slat finish and worked metal ring that will make you proud to display anywhere around your house or building. Woodgrain with a hammered metal texture for a realistic look (2) Flat locations to install an Optional Downspout Diverter Kit (RW-DIVFLX-BLK) Single spigot Drill points for securing the lid 1-Year manufacturer's warranty Made in the USA INCLUDES: Trilingual Instructions, Brass Spigot, Teflon (plumbers) Tape, 3/4" NPT plug, Rain Wizard Aspen Eco 50 Gallon Rain Saver Product Specifications Height: 37" Width: 24" Depth: 23" Weight: 14 lbs. Spigots: 1
Rain Wizard Diverter Flex Kit
Rain Wizard Diverter Flex Kit $56.00
The Rain Wizard Flex Kit is the first diverter system that will work with ANY rain barrel and virtually every downspout. The design is simple, and the kit includes all the needed tools. With the rain barrel Diverter Flex Kit, you don't have to worry about tearing your gutter off the house and messing with countless screws. You can also keep your gutters completely intact, just in case you decide to move your rain barrel to a different location or store it for the season. Installation is quick and easy. On the downspout, simply drill a hole with the included hole saw. Then insert the rubber rain catch. The rain catch design allows the collection of water as it runs down the walls of your downspout while it filters out any leafy debris. Next, drill a hole in your rain barrel at the same level and insert the flanged rubber receiver. Finally, connect the diverter and receiver with the included flexible tubing, and you're done! Minimal modification to your downspout Keep using downspout regularly even if you move your rain barrel 3' flex tube and connection points Hole saws included Fits all standard downspouts (2x3 and 3x4) Set up in about 5 minutes INCLUDES: 2 Hole Saw Set (gutter and rain barrel), 1 Fill Hose, 1 Flexfit Diverter - fits inside the gutter, 2 Screws, 1 Winter Hole Cover, Instructions
Garden Wizard Eucalyptus Garden Bed
Garden Wizard Eucalyptus Garden Bed $340.00
The Garden Wizard Eucalyptus is a 3x3 foot garden that's designed to be simple yet beautiful for any garden need. The warm, red-stained wood is attractive and soft on hands yet very durable and able to hold up under stressful conditions. With real, solid eucalyptus wood being used, you can trust in using a natural, renewable resource that will last for years in harsh environments. The bed sits two feet off of the ground allowing better access than regular ground-based gardens and it deters most common rodents and other wildlife. Assembly is simple thanks to the limited number of components and takes only minutes to complete. The Eucalyptus can be placed around the yard or on decks and patios. Create a simple vegetable garden or a beautiful floral arrangement. Garden fabric is recommended and not included. 3x3 foot raised bed garden Made with real, solid eucalyptus wood Raised for easier access Sturdy design Minimal assembly Recommended for outdoor use - Garden fabric not included Product Specifications Height: 24" Width: 36" Depth: 36" Weight: 49.6 lbs.
Compost Wizard Jr.
Compost Wizard Jr. $247.00
Composting is a great way to recycle leftovers, kitchen scraps, and organic junk in the yard into rich topsoil and mulch. That's a double whammy of plant-food-making, trash-reducing action. The Compost Wizard Jr. is heralded as the number one composter in America. At 7-cubic feet, it can sit discretely out of the way while it's big enough to handle your typical load of organic junk. It comes in two pieces and is FULLY ASSEMBLED! There's no waiting to compost. You can start the second the composter arrives. Considering using one of those crank composters? Why bother when the handles on the Compost Wizard Jr. provide excellent built-in grips for turning. If you look inside the bin, you'll find that those nifty handholds also double as agitators for the compost. The compost bin effortlessly rotates due to its ingenious wheeled base. It's simple, and it works. You can also take the compost bin off the stand and roll the container around the yard to place compost directly in your garden. Another great advantage of the Compost Wizard Jr is the 12" twist-off lid. The lid keeps your compost safely closed and away from rodents and other large and small animals. Each end of the compost bin has plenty of aeration holes providing beneficial airflow for composting. You can even drill more holes if you live in warmer areas or locations with low airflow. So what is this miraculous product made? The Compost Wizard Jr. is manufactured with 100% recycled polyethylene. This isn't your typical plastic either; Our PE is BPA-Free, and FDA approved for contact with edibles. That means there are no chemicals, toxic or otherwise, leeching into your compost. The compost bin's black color efficiently absorbs the sun's heat, helping keep your compost in the ideal temperature range of 100-150 degrees F (38-66 C). Here's the best part: The only thing you have to do is rotate the drum once a week. That's it. If your batch of materials is ideally balanced and conditions are perfect, you can see compost in as quickly as 21 days! (For best results, wait for a single batch to complete composting before adding more material. 21-day projection based on ideal conditions.) To help keep organic waste out of our landfills and turn your plant and kitchen scraps into nutritious soil, get America's compost bin of choice: The Compost Wizard Jr. compost tumbler. 7 cubic foot capacity Fully Assembled - Low maintenance The wheeled base allows easy tumbling Large 12" twist lid Black color for heat absorption and faster composting Made in the USA with FDA approved materials 1-Year limited manufacturer's warranty INCLUDES: Compost Bin, Compost Base, Lid, and Trilingual Instructions Product Specifications Height: 23.25" Width: 22" Depth: 30" Weight: 27 lbs.
Impressions 50 Gallon Corsican Rain Saver - Sandstone
Impressions 50 Gallon Corsican Rain Save... $205.00
The Impressions Corsican 50 Gallon Rain Saver reinvents how you harvest rainwater. This 50-gallon rain barrel is sturdy and one of the most eye-catching rain barrels on the market. The barrel's exterior features a premium linen texture that will look elegant outside virtually any home. The top is graded and shaped to automatically divert all overflow water to the front of the barrel to keep your foundation from flooding. The large downspout opening allows use with both 2x3 or 3x4 downspouts. Covering the downspout opening is a soft, fine mesh, plastic screen to keep out heavy debris and insects. Also included with the barrel are two offset spigot locations. Now you can use a five-gallon bucket or hose simultaneously without issue. Or use the additional spigot as an overflow into a second barrel. Impress your friends and neighbors with the Impressions Corsican 50 Gallon Rain Saver. 50 Gallon capacity rain barrel The unique textured finish will add class and style to any home Meshed screen blocks debris from entering your water supply Equipped with two sturdy brass spigots which won't rust or break like plastic alternatives Overflow-top diverts excess water to the front of the barrel to avoid flooding your foundation Dual spigot locations for hose or five-gallon bucket 1-Year manufacturer's warranty Made in the USA INCLUDES: Trilingual Instructions, (2) Brass spigots, Screen, Impressions Corsican 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Product Specifications Height: 41.25" Width: 24" Depth: 22" Weight: 20 lbs. Capacity: 50 Gallons Spigots: 2
Big Blue 55 Recycled Rain Barrel
Big Blue 55 Recycled Rain Barrel $240.00
Water is scarce during the summer months and that's when 40% of water is spent outdoors! Why not save your precious resources using the Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel. The Big Blue holds up to 55 Gallons of pure, rainwater. Your plants will enjoy the fresh water supply and you won't have to waste your money on running hoses. The Big Blue is a recycled, food-grade barrel saved from landfills and is ready to help you save on your spending. With its low price, the Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel will pay for itself several times over in water bill savings and is even cheaper and easier to maintain than the Do-It-Yourself models. Make a choice to save the planet and your money with the Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel. Resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rotting Brass spigot for hose hook-up or dual overflow Screen to keep out debris and insects Child and pet safe Food grade barrel Two optional locations for spigot placement. Change them anytime you want. Blue color reduces algae significantly 55+ gallon capacity INCLUDES: Trilingual Instructions, Brass Spigot, Teflon (plumbers) Tape, 55-gallon barrel, 3/4" NPT plug Product Specifications Height: 34.75" Width: 22.5" Depth: 22.5" Weight: 19 lbs. Capacity: 55 Gallons Spigots: 1
Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler
Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler $263.00
The Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler makes composting easy and fun. With its revolutionary, compact design, you save space and waste. This compost tumbler comes in two pieces. No assembly is required. You'll be ready to compost in less than a minute! The dark plastic absorbs the suns heat, allowing your kitchen scraps, yard waste, and other organic matter to quickly break down into fresh compost (hummus). Not only do you get to enjoy fresh earthy compost, you can also harvest the excess compost tea from the batch. As you turn the drum, any excess liquid drains out into the base. With an optional spigot (not included) you can then drain the stored tea directly onto plant roots. Compost tea is some of the best, most nutrient-packed, natural fertilizers you can get. With the low profile, you can rest assured that your composter won't tip over easily in the wind. You can also remove the drum from the base to quickly roll your batch to any desired location around the lawn. You can then use your compost like mulch in gardens or spread it on your lawn. The moisture and nutrients will gradually seep into the ground. Ask any gardener and they'll tell you that compost and fresh rainwater give some of the best, heartiest plants out there. Made of durable recycled polyethylene plastic and is resistant to fading The dark color absorbs heat for fast composting Holds up to 6.5 cubic feet of compost Rotate once a week - That's it! 12-inch twist-off lid for easy access and security Air vents create essential aeration Can be rolled to any location for filling or dispensing Product Specifications Height: 24" Width: 25" Depth: 28" Weight: 22 lbs.