Leg Daddy 7" Dark Walnut Tapered Pyramid Sofa Leg, Set of 2

$28.00 $46.99 -41% OFF

Leg Daddy 7" Dark Walnut Tapered Pyramid Sofa Leg, Set of 2

$28.00 $46.99 -41% OFF
Product description

Approx. Height: 7-1/4" including glide
Approx. Top Width: 2-3/8"
Approx. Bottom Width: 1-1/2"
Hanger Bolt: 5/16" 

Not only are our couch legs useful for sofas. All of your furniture, including your couch, chair, ottoman, and other items, rest on the leg. It might be unpleasant if the leg is faulty or loose. Because unequal stress loads are put on the frame, defective legs can cause structural damage to the furniture. Maintaining the legs of your furniture in excellent condition is essential for its longevity.

You could want to add new legs for function or aesthetics even if your current legs are in fine shape. It goes without saying that buying higher legs than what is now fitted will elevate the furniture off the ground, and that buying shorter legs would do the opposite. Installing new legs is a simple, affordable, and efficient method to change the look of your furniture. There are several options available in terms of styles, colors, and finishes.

Each leg is installed with a Hanger Bolt and is easy to remove and attach. The leg is simply turned to the left to remove and to the right to install. Choosing the correct Hanger Bolt size is vital to ensure a correct fit. There are three available sizes of Hanger Bolts. 
Please carefully check the hanger bolt size on your present leg to ensure that your new legs will be compatible.
•The 5/16" bolt is the most common size, especially in American-made furniture.
•M8 (8mm) bolts are typically seen on Swedish furniture, as well as some other imported items.
•M10 (10mm) is seen on other European imports, especially those from Italy.
You can reference the images for the difference between the 5/16" and M10 bolts.
5/16" and M8 look almost the same, with the difference being the type of thread. Be sure to check the fit with a bolt or nut, and not just with a tape measure or ruler.
The three sizes of hanger bolts are NOT cross-compatible, so please check carefully before ordering.
If you are uncertain which size Hanger Bolt you need, please call for assistance. We also offer a Hanger Bolt Fit Test Kit that provides you the opportunity to test an actual 5/16", Metric M8 hanger bolt, and Metric M10 hanger bolt to determine which fits your needs.

Note that wood is not produced in a factory like plastic; rather, it grows naturally as trees in forests. Because of this, each leg is distinct due to inherent differences in color, texture, and grain pattern. These unique qualities play a major role in the increasing demand for wood as a material for exquisite furniture and couch legs. As wood is a naturally occurring material, each one may change somewhat from the website's picture portrayal.

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