Handmade Fair Trade PEACE, RESIST, NEVER AGAIN Woven Bracelet Trio

$14.99 $21.60 -31% OFF

Handmade Fair Trade PEACE, RESIST, NEVER AGAIN Woven Bracelet Trio

$14.99 $21.60 -31% OFF
Product description

These vibrant fair trade Woven Bracelets perfect reminders to keep things in perspective and peaceful. Each bracelet measures approximately 12" including the adjustable tie closure. Each purchase empowers Fair Trade Guatemalan artisans.

We believe that hardworking fair trade artisans, producers, and export agents hold the key to their own personal success and that the path to success requires a steady, committed pace. We can extend each artisan's channel of trade from local markets to the global marketplace, all the while providing them with options to work from the comfort of their own homes and communities. Secure in the knowledge that the fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs, and haggled prices, most artisans in the network promote their family's future by using earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.

Fair Trade Federation, a group of like-minded companies and organizations that adhere to:
-providing fair payment to workers in developing nations
-educating artisans and workers to increase their potential for advancement
-ensuring the rights of children
-developing products and processes that protect and conserve the natural environment
-promoting fair trade as the standard in commercial exchanges

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