SightScent Scent Mapping Program, Blind/Sight Impaired Dogs/Cats, Set of 2

$73.87 $99.90 -27% OFF

SightScent Scent Mapping Program, Blind/Sight Impaired Dogs/Cats, Set of 2

$73.87 $99.90 -27% OFF
Product description

Sight & Scent Mapping Program, Set of 2 Kits

The SightScent mapping system enables sight impaired, and aging cats or dogs to more safely navigate their world through the Bkinz marker scent system.

Using the Sight & Scent Mapping Program we have developed, you will be able to teach your cat or dog to "see" again using their sense of smell.

Pets become less fearful and more like their old self as they learn the environment in a whole new way.

We all love our pets
The SightScent scented Bkinz system for blind, and aging, sight impaired cats or dogs can help your Friend to more comfortably and confidently navigate his or her world. The SightScent System is simple and direct and easily learn-able by any pet, no matter their age. Dogs tend to learn more quickly and better than cats but both are quite capable of relying on this new means of navigation. Indeed, we all know they already possess this skill. The use of the Bkinz guideposts simply helps them develop and utilize abilities they
already have. Pets will learn a target scent, a pathway scent, and halt scent.

We provide a generous amount (3 bottles) of our proprietary blends of essential oils to maintain your own Sight & Scent Mapping Program by adding more scent when needed. Always be consistent, and use the same scents which you began within mapping your home.​ This mapping program will help build on the confidence and dignity of your pet.

​Please be patient with your pet and take time for him or her to learn Scent #1 before moving to next scent phase.

Available and shipped directly from High Point, North Carolina to most worldwide locations.

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