Overnighter 900 Series Sleeper Sofa Mechanism

$1,199.68 $1,186.00 1% OFF


60" 67" 68" 72"

Overnighter 900 Series Sleeper Sofa Mechanism

$1,199.68 $1,186.00 1% OFF


60" 67" 68" 72"
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You have probably heard about the "everything shortage," with many consumer and commercial goods being in short supply due to historic congestion at seaports, disruption in interstate shipping, and leading to increases in the cost of goods and shipping. At the same time, shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx are also raising their rates, suspending delivery date guarantees, and delaying service. This will only get worse. Our mechanisms are hand-crafted right here in High Point, NC, so we are not affected as much by these challenges. Still, the raw steel and spring stock we depend on continues to be unpredictable. Some components may be affected by the global shipping delays and supply shortages. Shipping orders out to you, our valued customers, can also be impacted by these and other factors. We have never encountered such problems in the thirty-one years we have been supplying the industry, but material shortages are possible this winter. Because of today's unpredictable realities, we are recommending that you place your mechanism order as quickly as possible to avoid delays. We appreciate your patience as we work through these challenges with our customers.

The 900 sleeper mechanism by Hickory Springs is the entry-level sleeper in the Overnighter Series that is exclusively designed for residential use.

Tubular and fabricated angle construction - provides maximum strength and holds the mattress within the desired sleep cavity.

Headlock™ locking TV headrest system - prevents bed from being closed and damaged with raised headrest.

Synchronized pivotal action hinge - allows for smoother operation and eliminates sliding parts which could damage bedding. Also allows for maximum clearance of upholstered arms while opening and closing the sleeper.

Nylon washers in critical rivet joints - reduce wear and ensure easy operation.

Smooth Exposed Edges - Prevent upholstery damage or consumer injury.

One-piece front leg system - Ensures a consistent seat pitch from side to side.

Positive locking leg tube - This allows the unit to be opened easily from either side of the mechanism.

Contoured "saddle seat" in the seat section provides added consumer comfort.

Dark charcoal, baked-on enamel finish - provides a more aesthetic appearance and coordinates with any fabric or leather color.

Sleeper Cavity - accommodates either 5" innerspring or foam mattress.

Tilt Forward feature - Allows for easy cleaning under the sofa.

• Manufactured in the USA
• Designed for strength and performance
• Mounts in a standard cavity sofa frame
• Double BedSecure™ Safety Feature keeps unit stationery and the legs secure for support
• Crosswires in seat and shoulder sections provide additional support
• 12 gauge helical springs which provide less stretching around the perimeter in hospitality environments.

(Please be advised this item may have an extended lead time. These items are shipped curbside freight and additional freight charges may apply especially for orders outside of the contiguous USA.)

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