bedCLAW GashGuards Deluxe Rubberized Plastic Bed Frame End Caps, Set of 2
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GashGuards' Purpose: If these little plastic covers are missing from the end of your bed frame, you may tear your sheets or worse, injure yourself. GashGuards are engineered to reduce potential injury and damage while maintaining aesthetics. Measuring for GashGuard: GashGuards are available in 3 different sizes: 1.25", 1.5", and 1.75". Please measure carefully to assure you order the correct size. Measure both sides of the angled steel frame. If the two sides of the angled steel frame are different, select the GashGuard size corresponding to the larger measurement. Installing GashGuard: Comes as a set of 2 plastic caps that slip right over the end of your exposed bed frame. Made of durable rubberized plastic. Features: Covers rough, sharp end of bed frame Prevents damage to sheets and bedding Helps prevent injury to staff, guests, and pets GashGuards can help reduce insurance claims at your facility