Decorative Recycled Metal Ostrich Planter Bowls
Decorative Recycled Metal Ostrich Plante... from $78.00
Talented welders and metal artisans craft these unique recycled metal ostrich bowl planters from washers, nuts, and other salvaged metal pieces. Available in two sizes, these unique sculptures can be used as planters for small plants or succulents (the bottom is very porous so consideration should be given during planting). Adaptable beyond simple planters, these sculptures can be used to hold a variety of items inside the home and outdoors. Sold singly. Two sizes are available. Because this is a handcrafted item, each may vary slightly. While each sculpture is finished with varnish to protect against the elements, weathering is to be expected if the sculpture is exposed to elements over time. Dimensions: Small: 8"L x 6"W x 20"H Large: 8"L x 7"W x 24"H Crafted from: Metal Made in: Kenya We believe that hardworking African artisans, producers, and export agents hold the key to their own personal success and that the path to success requires a steady, committed pace. We can extend each artisan's channel of trades from local markets to the global marketplace, all the while providing them with options to work from the comfort of their own homes and communities. Secure in the knowledge that the fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs, and haggled prices, most artisans in the network promote their family's future by using earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children. Fair Trade Federation, a group of like-minded companies and organizations that adhere to: providing fair payment to workers in developing nations educating artisans and workers to increase their potential for advancement ensuring the rights of children developing products and processes that protect and conserve the natural environment promoting fair trade as the standard in commercial exchanges
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The Nuttery NC030 Acorn Bird Seed Feeder
The Nuttery NC030 Acorn Bird Seed Feeder $71.97 $119.95
One acorn you want to keep in your yard! Tease the squirrels with this whimsical, squirrel-resistant acorn design. Invite your favorite feathered friends to visit any of the four ports or perch on the cage itself, which is easy to clean. Fill with your favorite seed blend. Twist lid to lock.Made from stainless steel with warm brown accents and UV polycarbonate tube. 8-1/2 x 8-3/4 x 15-1/2 inches.A squirrel, cat, and big bird-resistant feeder. Iconic stainless steel acorn design made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards. Completely squirrel resistant, easy to fill, and clean. This is the supreme seed feeder. The Nuttery was founded by Leslie Lipton in 1990. An architectural designer by trade, Leslie had just watched the BBC's Daylight Robbery which showed how squirrels can overcome obstacles to reach food left out for the birds. He set out to design a bird feeder that would baffle even the brainiest squirrel and so The Nuttery was born! Over 20 years later, our first feeder, the Original is as popular as ever with sales exceeding 1 million worldwide. The Nuttery feeders - English innovation and design for the American consumer.Squirrel resistantEasy to fill and cleanMakes a perfect giftDimensions: 13.8"H x 8.5"D