bedCLAW SlatJack Adjustable Center Support Leg for Sagging Mattress Caused by Sag in Wooden Bed Slats, Bed Frame, USA
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The SlatJack adjustable center support leg is designed for bed slats or furniture that needs extra strength to fix, prevent, or underpin sagging issues. Developed and designed by bedCLAW, the SlatJack acts as a jack for your bed or furniture to prevent or correct sagging. Used with wood slats on your bed, the SlatJack adds years of comfortable sleep and is the #1 solution for sagging mattresses. Using one Slat Jack in the middle of each wood bed slat is sufficient to eliminate the all too infrequent, albeit distracting, creaking sounds while providing ample mattress frame support. Above-average height and weight sleepers may require further SlatJacks to insure integrity. Each SlatJack leg comes with 2 adjustable height glides. One is 2.5" tall while the other is 5" tall. These, especially when combined with the included adjustable extenders, provide you the ability to tailor the SlatJack to a wider range of heights when compared to other less useful support legs. If your bed is anywhere from roughly 6" to 15" off the floor the SlatJack will help provide a stable base for your bed slats to help prevent sagging. Top Mounting Plate Dimensions: 3" x 1 15/16"The large smooth plastic glide is 1-7/8" wide for excellent weight distribution. The large size helps prevent carpet and hard floor damage. Height Adjustable from 6-1/2" to 14-3/4". If your bed is between 10" to 11-1/2" tall from the floor to where the box spring rests, you'll want to utilize a combination of the extender and the shorter 2-1/2" glide included to gain access to this height range. All needed hardware, including screws, included.