New & Improved Toastee Bags, Reusable Toaster Bags for Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches & Snacks, 16 Bags
New & Improved Toastee Bags, Reusable To... from $14.87 $24.95
NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN! Easier to clean than ever before! Say goodbye to messes and hello to perfectly toasted or grilled sandwiches. Perfect for Sandwiches, Panini, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Sticks, French Fries, Cheese Sticks, Pizza, Wraps, and MoreThe Toastee Bag is the quick and easy way to ensure no more soggy leftovers from the microwave. Just place your food in the bag and then heat it in a toaster, grill, oven, griddle, or even a microwave until it's done for a perfectly toasted meal. Our bags are heat resistant up to 500 F so they'll stand up to what you can throw at them. Make sure to let them cool before removing from the toaster.  And the best thing is they'll toast without butter. . .all of the great toasted flavor without the mess. Nothing sticks to the bag so it's easy to clean. Each bag is heavy-duty 120g weight material so it can be re-used multiple times. Just wash with warm soapy water or place face down on the top rack of your dishwasher.Each bag is approximately 6" wide and 7" tall so they'll fit almost all toaster and bread sizes. Also, they comply with food regulations so no need to worry about the food that comes out.  It will be delicious and safe.  The bags also prevent gluten cross-contamination if you or someone in your family has a gluten intolerance.Look for the Cucina logo on each bag. Original TOASTEE Bags were designed by an American company, tested in American homes by Americans and shipped from the USA. Knock-offs appear similar, different color, lesser grade.
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TOASTEE Oven Roasting Bags for Chicken, Ham, Prime Rib, Poultry, Turkey, Ribs, Seafood, Vegetables, 3 Commercial Sizes
TOASTEE Oven Roasting Bags for Chicken, ... $24.99 $32.95
For fragrant, quick, and successful cooking try TOASTEE brand Commercial Oven Bags. Used in restaurants for succulent turkeys and roasts, now it is available to the public.  Three Sizes Included:  6 x Small Bags 12" x 18" 6 x Medium Bags 18" x 24" 4 x Large Bags 26" x 34" 16 Bags Total The perfect, sanitary way to cook anything to moist perfection. Everything in the bag is enveloped in fragrant steam as it cooks. Ideal for cooking larger pieces of meat or poultry as they remain incredibly moist- also perfect for making your own deli cuts. Perfect for anyone who loves to throw in handfuls of fresh veggies and herbs with any meal.  These bags are commercial grade- not the pale imitations at the grocers. Great for larger meat cuts because there is zero clean-up. Just pull the bag out and recycle it. Unlike cheaper versions, our ties are strong and reopen and close easily. Rest assured that your entire meal can be prepared in a self-contained bag. No exposure to outside bacteria and little odor from more pungent dishes.  You will not ever waste a fresh vegetable again. Just toss it in the bag with seasonings. No calorie-adding oils are needed. Do not gamble with a meat entrée when it's so easily perfected with Toastee oven bags. Easy to use and durably constructed, the bag makes cooking easy and mess-free, producing delicious, fork-tender meaty dishes. Never serve dry poultry, beef, fish, or pork again!  Versatile Convenience. This revolutionary bag allows you to cook foods such as meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables in a shorter amount of time while still locking in essential vitamins and nutrients. These bags are perfect for boil-in-the-bag, cook-and-chill bags, oven roasting bags, and sausage casing.  Easy to Use. All you do is simply preheat your oven, place your Toastee oven bag in a roasting pan, add meat, chicken, turkey, seasoning, and/or vegetables to the bag, cook, and enjoy!  Durable Design. Each bag is constructed of a special kenylon mono-layer film, which resists breakage and can withstand temperatures up to 375°F. The unique kenylon film is produced from FDA-approved materials, of course. Type: Oven Bags. Color: Clear. Oven Safe: Yes. Maximum Temperature: 375°F. Microwavable: Yes. Freezer Safe: Yes. Features: BPA Free. Materials: Nylon, Plastic. Style: Unprinted.