Cucina Chef External Vacuum Sealer Bags, 3 Mil, Full Mesh, Perfect for Sous Vide
Cucina Chef External Vacuum Sealer Bags,... from $26.24 $34.99
Vacuum packaging is advantageous for everyone because it extends the shelf life of your food by up to five times when compared to conventional storage techniques, which also reduces costs and waste. Cucina Chef External Vacuum Packaging Bags are a great option for people who frequently vacuum-package and especially package uniform portions. These bags only need to be sealed on one end, saving time compared to rolls of bag material that need to be cut and sealed on both ends. BPA Free! Microwave Safe! Freezer Safe! Sous Vide or Boilable!  For External Strip Vacuum Machines! These bags are designed to be used with external strip-style vacuum packaging machines, where the bag is placed outside the machine during use. They will not work with chamber machines. Works on most any food saver home vacuum machines. 3-Mil Thickness! Each bag is made of 80% polyethylene and 20% nylon, with a third layer of textured mesh material and a 3-mil thickness for superior strength and complete air removal with low stress on the machine. These are not your average bags. Buying "Prepper Food" is expensive! Vacuum Bags are ideal for • Stowing Emergency Preparedness food • Prepare food for hiking, car trips, camping, or fishing • Save money by purchasing larger containers of food when available and dividing it up into usable portions • Purchasing food on sale and making family packs for storage or the freezer • You pack it, seal it, and save it Things that are already dried can have a longer shelf life:  Fruits, Vegetables, Bulk Beans, Trail Mix, Superfood Seeds, Bulk Grains, and Granola, to name a few.  Vacuum seal food to grow your pantry for future food shortages. Most of the cost of prepared "prep food" is marketing, fancy claims, packaging, and hype. Who will remember where they stored the food twelve years ago? Who knows what it will taste like! Store your own! THREE BUYING OPTIONS • 6"W x 10"L Pint Size (50 Pack)  The open end (for sealing) is 6" wide, so the seal bar on your machine must be longer than this to work properly. • 8"W x 12"L Quart Size (50 Pack)  The open end (for sealing) is 8" wide, so the seal bar on your machine must be longer than this to work properly. • Savings Pack (60 Pack) 6" W x 10"L Pint Size (20 each) 8" W x 12"L Quart Size (20 each) 11" W x 14"L Gallon Size (20 each)  The largest open end (for sealing) is 11" wide, so the seal bar on your machine must be longer than this to work properly with all bag sizes.