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Russian Style Deck Playing Cards, Red
Russian Style Deck Playing Cards, Red $19.95 $24.95
"Russian Style" playing cards were designed in 1911 following a ball in the Winter Palace, the royal residence of Russian Czars. The ball was to celebrate 300 years of the Romanov dynasty. Many of the cards depict members of the oral house or prominent nobles of the time. German black core 310 gsm paper Standard poker size 2.5 x 3.5 inches Standard indexes Linen finish Originally produced in 1911 in Imperial Russia, this deck is well known in Russian-speaking countries. It is now available in the US as a poker-sized deck.
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Let's Get Sh*t-Faced!
Let's Get Sh*t-Faced! $9.99 $16.00
If you are looking for something to spice up the night and also bamboozle a few people with the rules then Let’s Get Sh*t-Faced! is the perfect game for you. Throw the dice and see who drinks, or land on chug and down your whole pint!This game comes with instructions on the back, sometimes your group has to drink, other times you have to perform gestures or compete in contests to see who drinks, it’s all good honest fun.You can play with up to four even-numbered teams. Each team selects one of the colors: blue, yellow, orange, or purple. Colors not selected should be removed from the game. Players take turns rolling the dice. The Sh*t-Faced die (the brown die) determines who drinks. If your team is selected, every member on your team drinks the number of drinks on your die. If your die was rolled as Chug!, you finish your drink! A lot of fun, a lot of laughs! Let's Get Sh*t-Faced Dice Game is manufactured by Kheper Games. EL-6266. Always drink responsibly, know your limits, and designate a driver.