Antebellum 3-in-1 Vertical Garden Planter, Composter, and Birdbath


Antebellum 3-in-1 Vertical Garden Planter, Composter, and Birdbath

Product description

The Antebellum is the first-ever 3-in-1 vertical garden, composter, and birdbath. The Antebellum has 18 separate planter pot recesses to hold floral arrangements of all sizes. You could even plant hanging vines and edibles like peppers. The birdbath top is friction fit, making it easy to remove and clean. When it is removed, the open-top allows compostable items to be placed inside where they break down and not only feed nutrients to the soil within each planter pod but also to the ground the entire unit sits on. This unique composting method allows invertebrates such as worms and insects to travel up into the Antebellum, processing the organic waste into precious nitrates for plants. They also help spread these nitrites and nutrients into the surrounding soil; a perfect way to centrally rejuvenate a garden.

Because the Antebellum uses vertical space, its footprint is very small. You could have hundreds or thousands of cubic feet of planting space with only a handful of units. And where the plants don't cover the unit, viewers are treated to a fine-mesh, weave texture that's very easy on the eyes. Virtually compatible with any decor, this 3-in-1 unit will make any gardener's dream.

35-gallon capacity vertical garden
18 planter pods for 360-degree planting
Removable, self-draining planter top
Can be used as a standing compost bin
No-Fray wicker texture
Extremely small footprint vs maximum plant capacity
Made with FDA approved, BPA-free resin in the USA
1 year limited manufacturers warranty

INCLUDES: Antebellum Planter with removable top

Product Specifications
Height: 39.5"
Width: 20"
Depth: 20"
Weight: 20 lbs.