Bedlok 4-3/4" Recessed Mount Bed Hook Bracket Kit, Set of 2

$32.99 $42.99 -24% OFF

Bedlok 4-3/4" Recessed Mount Bed Hook Bracket Kit, Set of 2

$32.99 $42.99 -24% OFF
Product description

Application: Single recessed bed hook bracket. Installs into your bedpost and has a hook slot in the middle to allow attachment of your bed rails. The bracket recesses into your headboard or footboard to allow flush mounting of your rails with your bed.

Construction: The bracket is 4-3/4" tall and includes several holes for mounting. 12 gauge Steel construction, brown finish.

Note: The "Single" designation in the title means that this bracket has one attachment point for a hook-on rail. The bracket is not limited to a particular size of the bed.

Strong 12 gauge steel construction
Multiple pre-drilled holes for wood screws facilitate installation.
Design permits flush mounting of bed rails Brown finish

Dimensions (All measurements are approximate)
4-3/4" High
1-1/4" Deep
1-5/8" Wide (Outside Flange)
Recessed Slot Inside Width: 1/8"
Wide Recessed Slot Outside Width: 3/8" Wide

Can be used with wood or metal bed rails that have a double hook with 2" spacing.
Heavy 12 Gauge Steel Made in the USA. Parts Only.
No screws, instructions, or diagrams included. Brown Primer Painted, scratches, paint drips may be found.
Under most conditions, this bracket is not visible when the bed is assembled and the mattress installed.