Corsa Miglia Heirloom Collection Authentic All Black French Champagne Saber

$245.00 $526.99 -54% OFF

Corsa Miglia Heirloom Collection Authentic All Black French Champagne Saber

$245.00 $526.99 -54% OFF
Product description

Corsa Miglia Heirloom Collection Authentic French Black Champagne Saber
Makes a Great Gift for any Occasion, Birthdays, Graduation, Anniversaries, Christmas
Wonderful Gift for Wine Enthusiasts, Sommeliers, or Collectors

Do you know how to saber champagne? This ritual, very appreciated, is known since the empire since it was very dear to Napoleon. It used to be common to celebrate a victory by breaking the bottle collar with a sword. Do you like this tradition? We propose you to reconstruct it at home, thanks to this design champagne saber. This accessory retains all its charm thanks to its acrylic handle and the oak wood display on which it is delivered. It will bring a touch of authenticity to your kitchen or living room, used as a collector's item. The handle is made of black acrylic and the hilt is in black aluminum. Its blade, which is not cutting, is made of high quality X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. There is Teflon on the blade, which gives the black color to the blade. To learn the art of saber champagne, an explanatory booklet is offered to you as well as a strap in trimming. Would you like to make this exceptional gift even more unique? It is possible to engrave the blade with a laser, please contact us for customization options! This design champagne saber was 100% made in France, the workshops of the Claude Dozorme Cutlery.

Technical Characteristics:
This champagne saber was manufactured by passionate and skilled craftsmen, in the workshops of master craftsman and cutler Claude Dozorme.
Its blade is designed in a high quality X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, it is not sharp. It can be customized by laser engraving, please contact us for customization options.
Comes on an oak base, with a ceremonial cord and a booklet on the art of saber champagne.
This product is 100% made in France, it was designed in the French cutlery capital in Thiers.
This saber is approx 20 inches long in total. The dimensions of the handle are approx 6 inches. The blade is 14 inches long.

Range: Champagne Saber, Sabre
Function: To saber
Blade: High quality stainless steel X50CrMoV15 (0,50% of carbon, 15% of chrome, 1% of molybdenum, 1% of vanadium)
Handle: Oakwood
Color: Black
Total Length: 20.08"
Blade Length: 14.17"
Care Instructions: Not dishwasher safe. Softly wash the blade and dry it immediately. Never leave the knife in the water.

No Extra Cost! 2 to 3 Weeks Additional Lead Time

The story began in 1902 in La Monnerie, close to Thiers. Blaise Dozorme, an expert steelworker, decided to use his expertise to create a small knife-making workshop in his home. Working mainly as a subcontractor, his professionalism and a keen sense of duty gained him certain notoriety in the Thiers basin. His entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a dominant personality resulted in his peers naming him "The Wolf". A few decades later, the Dozorme firm would use this nickname as the basis for its logo and graphic identity...

Taken over by his son Valentin in 1934, the small workshop gradually made a name for itself, further anchoring its expertise and leaving its mark in the cutlery sector of the Thiers region. It was during the 1970s though that the family business really began to develop on a larger scale. The firm was now being run by Claude, son of Valentin and grandson of Blaise, who decided to invest massively in tools and mechanization in a drive to expand and develop the business. It was at this time that he decided to produce knives with specific names and to market them mainly through trade shows. The Claude Dozorme brand was born at the beginning of the 1980s as was their first creation: the first Laguiole non-folding table knife. Henceforth, the pioneer of these manufacturing techniques officially awarded the title Maître Artisan Coutelier would strive to continuously develop the brand.

There was a new development in 1991 when Claudine Dozorme, Claude Dozorme's daughter, took over the reins of the family business. Nothing up till then had indicated that she would one day work in the cutlery industry. In 1984, after the Baccalaureate and 2 years of preparatory studies, she was admitted to the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion de Paris (ESCP), before going on to join the Kraft General Foods agro-foods group as sales manager. She stayed at Kraft until 1991 when her father asked her to help him develop his brand. She thus took charge of the sales and marketing department, marketed Claude Dozorme knives to various distributors, and ran a France-wide sales team. Development of the brand, integration of new manufacturing processes, creation of catalogs and sample products, strategic thinking on new models and materials... The arrival of this vivacious young woman would revolutionize the small family business.

The crowning achievement - on December 5th, 2013, Claudine Dozorme, who also holds the Ordre du Mérite and the Légion d'Honneur, was awarded the Auvergne Personality of the Year trophy for her dynamism, creativity, and innovative spirit, which have helped her forge a new economic model for the family business, at the same time introducing a resolutely modern approach.

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