Dry Age Chef HD 40# Peach/Pink Butcher 24” Wide Paper Roll, 700 Feet

$74.99 $99.99 -26% OFF

Dry Age Chef HD 40# Peach/Pink Butcher 24” Wide Paper Roll, 700 Feet

$74.99 $99.99 -26% OFF
Product description

Dry Age Chef 40# Peach Pink Butcher 24" Wide Paper Roll, 700 feet long for pit master techniques of Smoking, then resting your meat.

Peach or pink butcher paper is made in the USA and is FDA-approved. Its heat-resistance and breathability allow steam to escape and create delicious bark while added sizing offers leak protection and strength when wet. This butcher paper retards the loss of moisture when smoking. It allows the meat to breathe through the paper, ensuring a smoky flavor when used to cook. If you intend to freeze products in this butcher paper, be sure to wrap them in plastic first.

• FDA-approved for BBQs and smoking meats, and it will not trap moisture, ideal for many uses in your kitchen, like wrapping Artisanal bread to last longer.
• Unwaxed, uncoated, and unbleached for food safety
• Generous Dimensions of 24-inches wide x 700 feet long to ensure proper wrap of the largest brisket, butt, or piece of meat
• The 40# basis weight gives it the strength it needs to hold up against blood, oil, or water and preserves the worthiness of your meats.
• This 700' roll offers an ample supply for minimal replacements, and you can choose exactly how much paper you need for each job.
• Heat-resistant up to 450°F
• Breathable to create delicious bark
• Sizing treatment offers leak protection and wet strength

Peach just means it is un-bleached, not peach flavor, peach paper is the same as pink paper.

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