First Aid Full Tactical Trauma Kit


First Aid Full Tactical Trauma Kit

Product description

The First Aid Full Tactical Trauma Kit is an all-in-one backpack medkit with spacious compartments for easy access to the contents. This pack is designed and used by professionals. It features cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fit and is packed to the brim with quality first-aid gear. See the complete contents list below.

Blood Pressure Kit x1
Cervical Collar x1
Stethoscope x1
LED Pen Light x1
Sutures 2 First Aid Guide x1
Pair BLK Nitrile Gloves x8
5"x9" Abdominal Pads x10
Pain Relievers x20
Safety Pins x6
Emergency Blankets-Silver/OD x2
Hand Sanitizer 2oz. x1
Calamine Lotion 6oz. x1
Hand Soap x1
Sting & Bite Wipes x6
Universal/Sam Splint x1
6" Elastic Bandage x1
4"x4" Sterile Gauze x5
1" Tape x2
BleedStop Bandages x2
Eye Pad 5 Triangular Bandage x2
Bandage Strips 1"x3" x16
Butterfly Closure Strips x5
Bandage Strips 2"x4" x5
Knuckle Bandages x1
Instant Ice Packs x2
EMT Shears x1
SS Hemostats x2
Tweezers x1
Scalpel Handle #3 x1
Scalpel Blades x2
Tongue Depressors x5
CPR Face Shield x1
BZK Antiseptic Wipes x45
Ammonia Inhalants x5
Oral Airways x2
Multi Trauma Dressings x3
Eye/Skin Wash x1
Triple Antibiotics x10
Burn Gel x5
Latex Tourniquet x1

Weight: 10 lbs
Dimensions: 18" × 13" × 13"