Max 2500 Series Replacement Sleeper Sofa Mechanism with Air Dream Mattress Package

$1,650.95 $1,686.00 -3% OFF


60" 68"

Max 2500 Series Replacement Sleeper Sofa Mechanism with Air Dream Mattress Package

$1,650.95 $1,686.00 -3% OFF


60" 68"
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You have probably heard about the "everything shortage," with many consumer and commercial goods being in short supply due to historic congestion at seaports, disruption in interstate shipping, and leading to increases in the cost of goods and shipping. At the same time, shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx are also raising their rates, suspending delivery date guarantees, and delaying service. This will only get worse. Our mechanisms are hand-crafted right here in High Point, NC, so we are not affected as much by these challenges. Still, the raw steel and spring stock we depend on continues to be unpredictable. Some components may be affected by the global shipping delays and supply shortages. Shipping orders out to you, our valued customers, can also be impacted by these and other factors. We have never encountered such problems in the thirty-one years we have been supplying the industry, but material shortages are possible this winter. Because of today's unpredictable realities, we are recommending that you place your mechanism order as quickly as possible to avoid delays. We appreciate your patience as we work through these challenges with our customers.

Max 2500 Series Replacement Sleeper Sofa Mechanism with Air Dream Mattress Savings Package
(Includes Mechanism, Air Dream Mattress, Air Chamber, Inflator, and Valve)
Comforts & supports like a premium luxury bed!

Replace damaged, rusted, worn-out, or unsafe sleeper units with a new Made-in-USA Replacement Sleeper Sofa Mechanism which features round tubular construction that's safe, strong, well designed. When sleeper sofa mechanisms break, they can become uncomfortable, non-working, or worse, dangerous. Wallace Flynn offers many different replacement sleeper sofa mechanisms. Repair it, don't replace it.

Air Dreams' core comfort element is engineered to provide the maximum in luxurious sleeping and rugged durability. With the convenient, easy-to-use handheld electric pump, you simply attach and twist. In no time at all, you'll be resting comfortably!

Adjusting the sleep surface from firm to soft is convenient and fast. A simple touch of a button located on the inflation valve makes individualized comfort easy to achieve. The valve also allows for deflation of the mattress by lifting the release tab.

The result is a sleep surface that provides correct support and also cushions the body with an upholstered layer of air. The ultimate in sofa sleeper mattress comfort! This innovative air-over-coil technology looks and feels like a premium luxury mattress! Easily inflates in just 45 seconds! Compared to a standard sleeper mattress the Air Dream has twice the thickness!

Queen (Deflated: 60" x 72" x 5"; Inflated: 60" x 72" x 10")
Full (Deflated: 52" x 72" x 5"; Inflated: 52" x 72" x 10")

Although the Air Dream Mattress system is designed to fit most sleeper sofas, there are some sleeper sofas that the Air Dream Mattress will not fit in. If purchasing the complete Air Dream Mattress please measure the length, width, and height of your existing sleeper mattress before ordering and confirm your mattress measurements are the same as the Air Dream deflated measurements listed below. If your measurements are not the same as the Air Dream deflated measurements your sleeper sofa may not be able to accommodate the Air Dream Mattress and/or may damage the Air Dream Mattress.

Please note: We do not recommend the Air Dream as an everyday mattress or for rental properties - only for occasional guest use. Please call for shipping quotes to Alaska and Hawaii.

Please contact us before ordering to ensure proper sizing. The Max 2500 Series residential sofa sleeper system features engineered low-profile linkage to keep all metal parts below the mattress line. Its all-round tubular frame construction provides improved safety and comfort in the seated position. The Max 2500 Series from Wallace Flynn is a series of sofa sleeper mechanisms engineered with low-profile linkage to keep all metal parts below the mattress line. These mechanisms are easy to operate, and their all-round tubular frame construction provides a smooth and visually appealing look. The Max 2500 Series offers improved safety by eliminating pinch points, and the comfort in the seated position has been enhanced as well.

When ordering a replacement mechanism for your sofa, finding the manufacturer and model number information for the existing mechanism is very important. This ensures that you receive the correct fit for replacement. This model replaces the Leggett and Platt 2500 Max Series mechanisms. Alternately, if the label is difficult to read, you can measure the distance between the brackets where the unit mounts into the wooden frame inside the sofa.

Please look for the Leggett model number sticker on your current mechanism and match it to the model number below. The model number of your current mechanism is the only accurate way to ensure a correct replacement. Please reference the chart below to find your model number.

Available in the Following Widths:
Size / Model
60" / 2560, 6025
68" / 2568, 6825

Please contact us before ordering to ensure proper sizing.