Memento Mori "You Will Become What I Am" 15 oz Mug + Matte Vinyl Sticker Gift Set, Flags Unfurled

$24.97 $44.99 -45% OFF

Memento Mori "You Will Become What I Am" 15 oz Mug + Matte Vinyl Sticker Gift Set, Flags Unfurled

$24.97 $44.99 -45% OFF
Product description

Memento Mori literally means "Remember you must die". We are excited to release this sticker that helps remind all of us that time on earth is only temporary. Reflecting on death is not a morbid affair, it is a healthy and often healing practice that helps us accept the inevitable with hope.

Christian memento mori is not a trend but an ancient practice encouraged by Scripture, Jesus, the Church Fathers, and many of the saints to remind us that life on earth is only temporary. Meditation upon one's own death and the Judgment that awaits him is not something that promotes morbid introspection, but rather the true repentance that leads to the fullness of life and joy in Christ.

IC XC NIKA = Jesus Christ Conquers

Memento Mori "You Will Become What I Am" 15 oz Mug
• Made of high-quality ceramics, it is not easy to break and hurt hands.
• BPA-free, non-toxic, and safe to use over time.
• Has higher temperature resistance and is microwave safe.
• Can be refrigerated and is safe to place in the refrigerator.
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
• Using AAA-grade sublimation coating, repeated washing will not fade.
• The exterior design is ergonomic, giving you a comfortable feel.
• Suitable for various occasions, you can use it as a gift for family, friends, colleagues, etc.

This sticker helps remind everyone that there is life after death, however, a proper understanding of the future life is essential to living in a God-pleasing, joyous, and fulfilled manner on earth. Death is the fate of every human being, but as Christians, we also share the same hope of eternal life. Together on life's journey, we can help one another both to keep our death in mind and our eyes on Jesus.
• SUITABLE for indoor or fair-weather outdoor use.
• Excellent for your vehicle, cooler, notebook, water bottle, and indoor display.
• LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY for the life of the sticker.

Flags Unfurled™ is a trademark of Wallace Flynn Inc. and

Sticker Size: Approx. 3x5 IN

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