Metric (M8) T-Nuts for Sofa Legs, Set of 6

$13.99 $19.95 -30% OFF

Metric (M8) T-Nuts for Sofa Legs, Set of 6

$13.99 $19.95 -30% OFF
Product description

These Metric M8 x 1.25 T-Nuts for Sofa Legs are sold in a set of 6.

Sometimes old T-Nuts become damaged with use or are lost when furniture is moved. Damaged, rusted, or lost T-Nuts need to be replaced. T-Nuts provide the nut base into which the hanger bolt of a furniture leg may be screwed. The hanger bolt screws into the T-Nut and extends up into a cavity predrilled to sufficient width and depth to contain the screwed in hanger bolt.

A Note about Size
The size of the hanger bolt determines what the size the T-Nut needs to be. These T-Nuts fit the Metric Size M8 Hanger Bolts. It is important to select the proper size T-Nuts for your hanger bolts.

Installing the T-Nut
Select the location for the T-Nut installation
If a cavity is already present for the screwed in hanger bolt, all that needs to be done is to tap the T-Nut into the proper location with the sleeve of the T-Nut extending into the already present cavity.
If no cavity is present for the sleeve of the T-Nut and the hanger bolt, a new cavity will need to be drilled at the proper location. After the cavity is drilled, then the T-Nut may be tapped into the installation site.
The furniture leg is then securely screwed into the T-Nut and the installation is complete.