U.S. Army Medical OD Wool Blanket


U.S. Army Medical OD Wool Blanket

Product description

A beautiful copy of the U.S. Army medical wool blanket. A very nice 80% wool, 4.85 lbs., and measures 86" x 62". They are so soft to the touch, just an incredible high-quality blanket from Swiss Link's classic wool line. Classic wool blankets are great for use in your car, recreational vehicle, camper, for hiking, going on picnics, camping, and function perfectly as trusted throw blankets providing insulation in the wet and cold.

Don't pay $150 for the same quality blanket elsewhere. Get the best wool blanket at the best price. Here are some woolen features:
Wool is insulating even when wet
Wool is naturally flame resistant
Wool is soil and stain resistant
Wool is naturally antibacterial
Wool is breathable
Wool is nontoxic
Wool wicks moisture away from your skin
Wool is a renewable fiber
Wool is washable
Wool can be stored until you need it
Wool is durable and will last for many, many years



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