Large Beef Rack, Dry Aging Pan & Dry Aging Beef at Home Instructions & Guide Booklet by Dry Age Chef - Perfect for Dry Aging Steak at Home!
Large Beef Rack, Dry Aging Pan & Dry Agi... $40.36
Dry Age Chef provides combo packages as a way to provide savings along with proper items you will need to start dry-aging meat in the comfort of their own home. Heavy-duty rack support (six legs) will hold the largest cuts that are readily available. Save money and dry age steak at home. This combo package includes a Large Rack and Pan to hold your salt and your the beef or meat you would like to age, large enough to hold upwards to 22 - 24lbs. of beef! "Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instruction Booklet detailing the process of dry-aging so you can join the legions of other Dry Age Chefs.
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Cucina Chef HD 40# Peach/Pink Butcher 24” Wide Paper Roll, 700 Feet
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Cucina Chef HD 40# Peach Pink Butcher 24" Wide Paper Roll, 700 feet long for pit master techniques of Smoking, then resting your meat. Cucina Chef peach or pink butcher paper is made in the USA and is FDA-approved. Its heat-resistance and breathability allow steam to escape and create delicious bark while added sizing offers leak protection and strength when wet. This butcher paper retards the loss of moisture when smoking. It allows the meat to breathe through the paper, ensuring a smoky flavor when used to cook. If you intend to freeze products in this butcher paper, be sure to wrap them in plastic first. • FDA approved for BBQs and smoking meats, and it will not trap moisture • Unwaxed, uncoated, unbleached for food safety • Generous Dimensions of 24-inches wide x 700 feet long to ensure proper wrap of the largest brisket, butt, or piece of meat • The 40# basis weight gives it the strength it needs to hold up against blood, oil, or water and preserves the worthiness of your meats. • This 700' roll offers an ample supply for minimal replacements, and you can choose exactly how much paper you need for each job. • Heat-resistant up to 450°F • Breathable to create delicious bark • Sizing treatment offers leak protection and wet strength Peach just means it is un-bleached, not peach flavor, peach paper is the same as pink paper. Can be used with our thinkScroll!
DIY KIT, Dry Aging Beef at Home, Ready-to-use with Bourbon, Introduction by Dry Age Chef, Large Beef Rack & Pan, Cheese Cloth - Perfect for Dry Aging Steak at Home
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The sheet pan measures 18 x13 inches with a depth of 1 inch while the rack sits neatly inside measuring 17x12 inches. Clean-up is easy - handwashing is recommended for the aluminum tray, while the rack is dishwasher safe. Heavy-duty rack support (six legs) will hold the largest cuts that are readily available. Pan is durable construction- Made of 19-gauge, heavyweight aluminum, wire-reinforced, this pan is great for everyday use. Designed to resist warping and bending, this pan can withstand cold temperatures in the freezer and high heat applications in the oven, so you can get the most out of this essential dry-aging item. Plus, its natural finish is easy to clean to keep this pan looking great after each use. The "Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instructional Guide gives you a leg up on the dry-aging process. Easy, simple to follow instructions, with pictures provided so you know you're doing it right. Loosely wrap the beef with the cheesecloth. Enough cloth (8 sq. yds.) is included to wrap a 21 29 lb piece of meat or two smaller pieces. Slowly pour the Bourbon along the top edge, and sides of the meat until the cloth is moistened throughout, start dry aging as you normally would. Sporadically reapply small amounts of Bourbon throughout the dry-aging process, how much is personal taste and testing, as the meat has to be able to dry age. How does Dry Age Chef Beef Aging work? Why Bourbon or Whiskey Soaking? A combination of preparation and a lot of chemistry goes on during the dry-aging process, including important enzyme-on-protein action. As the meat ages, enzymes that were contained in the muscles' cells work free and become a kind of creative wrecking crew. They break down proteins into amino acids, so the flavor deepens. They turn the small amounts of carbohydrates in the meat into sugars, so the taste seems sweeter. And they weaken connective tissue around protein strands, so the meat becomes more tender. There's a craft to aging beef, it's a skill and a style that you can explore and learn at