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Premium Heavy-Duty Steel 24” Grate for Outdoor Fire Pits, Above Ground Fire Grate
Premium Heavy-Duty Steel 24” Grate for O... $119.99 $199.95
The GI HAWK Elite Preparedness brand Fire Grate sits above the ground, allowing airflow to come from underneath and keep your fire burning bright, with less smoke! The fire pit grate has 7 heavy-duty bars, spaced 2½" apart that are designed to catch wood pieces that keep your fire burning long into the night! •HEAVY DUTY - This fire pit grate is made from special high carbon hardened steel which is 45% stronger than common steel. With its 24” diameter and 5/8" steel, it fits in just about any large fire pit. Welded on feet supports with holes for permanent mounting if desired. If not, adds to the stability of grate. Great for your fire pit. •HOTTER and BRIGHTER FLAME - The fire pit grate keeps wood off the ground which allows for better airflow coming from underneath the fire. This maximizes flames and creates a less smoky fire. •QUALITY BUILT TO LAST - With a stringent focus on quality, our fire grate is built to last as long as you do. You won't have to shop for fire grates any longer! •CLEANER and BETTER - The above-ground fire grate sensible design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping the wood dry and off the ground so you can start fires in any condition. This helps reduce ash and makes for a quicker and easier cleanup! •LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY Make this the last fire grate you’ll ever buy. With a stringent focus on quality, our fire grate is built to last as long as you do. HAND MADE IN THE U.S.A. and Built to Last! Give Your Backyard or Campsite What It Deserves! We believe in our mission. That is why GI HAWK creates or promotes the most well built, easy-to-use, and innovative products, and accessories anywhere. So please, join us in the movement, and let's all do some backyard living. Ltd. Lifetime Service Policy Our Ltd. Lifetime Policy runs from the original date of purchase and covers the repair of manufacturing defects or replacement of your purchased product. Item must be clean and free of stains or damage. Transportation charges and a Policy Service Fee are the responsibility of the consumer. To email your clear images of the issue, go to the storefront for our contact information. Then you will receive information on the next steps and/or additional information on this policy.
Authentic Black Vinyl XL Dutch Duffel Bag (New-Old-Stock Condition)
Authentic Black Vinyl XL Dutch Duffel Ba... $42.50
You're looking at an oversized black vinyl duffle bag in a unique half-circle design. It would make a great laundry bag or stuff-sack for clothing. Heck, you could even cram it full of soccer balls and load the kids up for the game. Either way, what you're getting here is a very durable duffel bag with reinforced straps and handles. It's all black and in new-old-stock condition, as shown in the images. Procured from the Armed Forces of the Netherlands. Dimensions: 7" x 28" x 22" (L x W x H) New-Old-Stock Condition
Gambrinus Half Liter Czech Beer Glass Mugs
Gambrinus Half Liter Czech Beer Glass Mugs $147.49
Cheers! Take a drink from these authentic 0.5 L beer mugs. Gambrinus is a beer brewed in the Czech Republic at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. It is one of the most popular beers in the Czech Republic and the beer is named after Gambrinus, a legendary European king known for his mythical brewing abilities. Each mug features the king himself holding a full mug of his own. Contains 6 Mugs
Swiss Link Reproduction Ammo Bag
Swiss Link Reproduction Ammo Bag $227.49
The famous 1960s Swiss Army ammo bag is back! This beautiful reproduction is made of thick cotton canvas and tough leather trim. Just like the original, it's built extremely rugged to haul heavy ammo. The satchel features a thick leather handle, metal reinforcements, and a classic front leather closure. This reproduction is stamped with the Swiss Link logo on the handle and is embroidered with the Swiss Link emblem on the front. Measures: approx. 11.5" x 4" x 8.5"
-41% sale
Wavian Blue 5 Gallon Water Can and Opener, BPA Free, Food-Grade, UV Stabilized
Wavian Blue 5 Gallon Water Can and Opene... $84.99 $143.00
Wavian USA brings you these brand new, heavy-duty plastic water cans. BPA-free, food-grade, and UV stabilized for extended outdoor use, they're made to last in Australia for the Military. An opaque resin inhibits bacterial growth and the textured non-slip surface improves grip. A breather was added for fast, "No-Glug" pouring. They're ideal for the storage of drinking water and hold 5 gallons (22 liters). You also get the Wavian Water Can Opener, the ultimate tool for use with our Wavian Water Cans. This tool gives great leverage with opening and tightening of the top lid and the bung cap on the side of your new can. Helps prevent any damage that can be done with other foreign objects to the plastic bung cap on the side of the can. This tool is only 9"x 7/16". Water Can Features: BPA Free. Food Grade. UV Stabilized for extended outdoor use. Opaque resin inhibits bacterial growth. The Bayonet closure is completely leak-proof with the can in any position. Textured non-slip surface for a better grip. Built-in breather vent for "no-glug" pouring helps prevent spillage. Detachable, built-in easy pour spout system. Spout Features: Custom easy pour valve system. Interchangeable spout and plug for leak-proof transport. Pours when the can is in an upright position. NOTE: DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE SPIGOT WHEN ATTACHING Dimensions: (L x W x H): 13-3/4" x 6-1/4" x 18-1/4" Actual Weight Empty: 3.2 lbs.
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Pelican Brand 1610 Heavy Duty Protector Case
Pelican Brand 1610 Heavy Duty Protector ... $292.49 $325.00
These Pelican Brand 1610 Heavy Duty Protector Cases were originally manufactured for Hamilton Medical equipment but never issued. They are now available to you in new-old-stock condition. Pelican cases are well known for superior, uncompromised quality. Each heavy-duty case was built right here in the United States. They're the world's toughest equipment cases trusted by military and law enforcement personnel. • Wheels and retractable handle for easy transport. • Crushproof protection against impact, vibration, and shock. • Lockable latches protect your valuables. • Watertight with neoprene o-ring. • An automatic purge valve adjusts for pressure changes. Inside dimensions: 22" x 17" x 11" Outside dimensions: 25" x 20" x 12" Weight: 22lbs
Tactical Trauma Kit
Tactical Trauma Kit $74.89
The Tactical Trauma Kit was designed by a former para-rescue man to be used by those who might find themselves in the line of fire; police, military, tactical group, and hunters. The pouch offers easy access to all essential items in case of an emergency. The Tactical Trauma Kit #1 comes with the M.O.L.L.E. strap system and therefore can easily be attached to waistbelts, backpacks, vests, etc. The pouch measures 8" x 6" x 3.5", and the complete kit weighs only 1.15 lbs. The kit comes shrink-wrapped with a content list. (Note: exact contents may vary slightly.) Contains 55 items, including: 1 EFA - First Aid Instructions 1 Burn Aid Package 16 Bandage Strips, 1" x 3" 1 Tape, Roll, Adhesive 5 Butterfly Strips 1 EMT Shears 1 Elastic Bandage, 4" 1 Pair of Stainless Steel Tweezers 6 Sterile Sponges, 4" x 4" 2 Ammonia Inhalants 1 Bleed-stop Bandage 60 Antiseptic BZK Wipes 1 Abdominal Pad, 5" x 9" 6 Safety Pins 1 Triangular Bandage 1 Pair Latex Examination Gloves 4 Pain Relievers (Note: exact contents may vary slightly.)
Italian Special Forces Woodland Camo Sniper Scarf Shemagh
Italian Special Forces Woodland Camo Sni... $30.00
You're looking at a brand new woodland pattern sniper scarf developed for the Italian Special Forces. This offers great protection for your eyes, mouth, and face. Use as a camouflage scarf to conceal yourself, your weapons, and as a classic shemagh. Also known as the keffiyeh or Arab scarf, this is a simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind, and sand. Made of sturdy, lightweight, and stretchy 100% acrylic netting material, it measures 6' x 2'. This is the ultimate woodland camo scarf.
Tactical Elbow Pads in Tan
Tactical Elbow Pads in Tan $21.89
These are brand new elbow pads with a thick padding and hard plastic cap. The elastic straps velcro secure around the arm to keep the pads in place. They come in either tan or black plastic pads on tan sleeves. Made in the USA. Size medium only which will easily and comfortably fit most.
Authentic Czech Army Linen Backpack (Used)
Authentic Czech Army Linen Backpack (Used) $44.75
This classic look comes standard from the Czech Army with two massive external pockets measuring 7" wide by 8" tall and 2" deep. Those pockets and the main compartment all secure tightly with a strap closure. The pack itself measures 16" x 16" and 4" deep at the base. There is a separate inner compartment spanning the width of the pack as well as a drawstring closure up top beneath the lid. The detachable straps are part of a larger system and can easily be fitted permanently with carabiner clips, zip-ties, or paracord. See the images for set-up. Note: this is a used, military surplus item and the condition will vary as shown in the images. May show some repair marks, small holes, or minor stains.
Authentic German Army Issue Duffel Bag Lock (Used)
Authentic German Army Issue Duffel Bag L... $16.99
You're looking at an original German Army issue duffle bag lock. It's cast from plated steel designed for use with military-style duffel bags that feature grommet-lined openings. Simply run the lock through the grommets lining the opening of your duffel bag. The attached clip secures the lock by simply slipping over the eyelet. For enhanced security, a padlock can be used in place of the clip. The pin is 3-1/4" long and 7/16" wide at the end. The whole lock is roughly 4-3/4" by 3" in size.
Swiss Salt & Pepper Reproduction Duffel Bag
Swiss Salt & Pepper Reproduction Duffel Bag $200.00
This is a gorgeous Salt & Pepper duffel bag modeled after the famous Swiss salt and pepper backpacks. It's made with real Swiss quality in mind and out of the same sturdy materials as the backpack. It features the classic look and feel of the original salt and pepper material. These duffel bags make for a perfect weekender, carry-on, gym bag, or commuter.
Italian Ripstop Gaiters in Woodland Camo
Italian Ripstop Gaiters in Woodland Camo $37.50
These water-resistant Italian ripstop gaiters are the perfect top layer of protection. They're in brand new condition and feature a classic woodland pattern. Each set comes with top and bottom drawstrings. Wear them over your boots to keep water out and protect against stickers and other abrasive weeds. No boots are included.
M-17 Medic Bag Complete Field First-Aid Kit
M-17 Medic Bag Complete Field First-Aid Kit $274.99
The M17 Medic Bag is a GI-style NATO-issued kit that folds out three ways for easy and quick access to all your first aid supplies. This is the ultimate first aid kit and features everything you hopefully never need. (Note: exact contents may vary slightly.) Weight: 12 lbs. Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 13.5 in Color: OD Green NSN#: 6545-01-596-0733 Contents: Eye/Skin Wash (1x) Hand Soap (1x) Lubricants (3x) Universal/Sam Splint (1x) BleedStop Bandages (5x) 2" Elastic Bandages (12x) 2" x 2" Sterile Gauze (10x) Eye Pads (2x) Bandage Strips 1"x3" (100x) Knuckle Bandages (10x) Stethoscope (1x) EMT Shears (1x) Tweezers (1x) Scalpel Handle #3 (1x) Bandage Strips 2"x4" (10x) Suture Sets (2x) Safety Pins (6x) Pair BLK Nitrile Gloves (6x) Latex Tourniquet (1x) Triple Antibiotics (4x) 1" x 54" Tape Roll (5x) Iodine Wipes (15x) Sting & Bite Wipes (6x) CPR Face Shield (1x) Tongue Depressors (2x) Hand Sanitizer 2 oz. (1x) Calamine Lotion 6 oz. (1x) Burn Spray (1x) Multi-Trauma Dressing (5x) 6" Elastic Bandages (2x) 4" x 4" Sterile Gauze (4x) 5" x 9"Abdominal Pads (10x) Triangular Bandages (2x) Butterfly Closure Strips (10x) Instant Ice Pack (3x) Lip Balm (1x) SS Hemostats (2x) Skin Probe (1x) Scalpel Blades (2x) LED Pen Light (1x) First Aid Guide (1x) Pill Bottles (2x) Pain Relievers (14x) 1st Aid/Burn Creams (4x) Burn Gel (2x) Alcohol Wipes (15x) BZK Antiseptic Wipes (30x) Ammonia Inhalants (2x) Oral Airways (2x) Box of 100 Cotton Tips (1x) (Note: exact contents may vary slightly.)
Authentic Czech Rubberized Vinyl Backpack
Authentic Czech Rubberized Vinyl Backpack $36.25
This Czech backpack is in brand new condition and is made of a highly durable, water-resistant rubberized vinyl material. It comes with an adjustable set of wide shoulder straps that are not shown in the pictures, an ID panel, and has 3 small pockets. The dimensions are 6" deep, 19" tall, and 16" wide.