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Complete "Fix Your Bed" Package - Queen/... $287.00 $349.95
Wallace Flynn believes in providing value for your hard-earned money. With that in mind, we created this package deal to save you some money AND fix your bed. Save over $90 when buying the complete package to fix your bed. Whether your existing rails are damaged or you're just looking for a new color, Wallace Flynn will provide you with quality products backed with a Lifetime Service Policy should you ever had any problems with them. If you have any questions about these items, please contact us before ordering and we will be glad to assist you. • The complete "Fix Your Bed" package comes with new Queen/King wooden side bed rails, our No-Sag, 3-bar center support system, and a set of 6 anti-wobble shims • Everything you would need to fix your bed upright, backed by a Lifetime Service Policy • Queen/King size bed rails measure roughly 82" long and 7" tall. Designed to hook into your headboard and footboard. Please measure the distance from the two pins in your headboard/footboard to confirm that they are 2" apart from the center to determine that our rail hook plates will fit appropriately. • Our No-Sag center support system is fully adjustable, both in width and in height. Each piece can be adjusted to provide support for beds from Full to King size, and height-adjustable from 4" to 15"  • BedClaw Anti-Wobble Bed Rail Shims are designed for use with hook-on bed rails and bed frames. They are ideal for use with wooden beds because they allow you to "snug up" the frame and prevent wobbling, shaking, squeaks, and damage to hook connectors from excess movement. Our HEAVY DUTY "Fix Your Bed" package includes: -1 pair of Queen/King (82" long, 7" tall) bed rails -the No-Sag center support system, which includes 3 bars to fully support your bed -6 anti-wobble shims to ensure your new rails fit your current headboard/footboard snuggly without any play (ideal for older headboards and footboards)