Winco Round Mesh Skimmer, 6.5-Inch, Nickel Plated
Winco Round Mesh Skimmer, 6.5-Inch, Nick... $13.99
Winco has been a trusted and reliable brand in professional kitchens for over 20 years. Our commercial lines of products, ranging from tabletop to kitchen utensils to food preparation supplies, are used by all food service and hospitality industry experts worldwide. While our products are made to meet the high demands of a restaurant kitchen, we are excited to now make them available for the serious home chef. Material: Nickel Color: Nickel Brand: Winco Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes
6" Galvanized Bamboo Handled Skimmer wit... $12.95
This 6" Galvanized Steel Coarse Mesh Bamboo Skimmer (SLSKR006GV) is brought to you by Thunder Group. Skimmers are an essential tool in any busy kitchen; not only can they be used for frying, but they can be used for a variety of tasks such as serving small boiled items, such as dumplings and meatballs. This skimmer features stainless steel wiring and a sturdy outer framework and handle. The concave net catches food items securely while releasing oil and other residues. Any busy cook knows how important some utensils are to the kitchen and a skimmer is right at the top of the list. NSF Listed: No Dish Washer Safe: No Oven Safe: No Microwave Safe: No Material: GALVANIZED WIRE / BAMBOO HANDLED
4-1/2" Bamboo Sword Pick - 50 Pack $15.99
Bring a bold look to your plated presentation with these Sword 4-1/2" bamboo picks! Using this pick makes it easy to keep track of your food as you can organize dishes by using various pick designs. The sword pick is also useful when serving appetizers, kabobs, and satay dishes, as its 4-1/2" size makes it easy for your guests to pick up individual portions at your banquet hall or catered event. It's also great for garnishing beverages or martinis and presents your most popular drinks with a stylish touch. This bamboo pick is an eco-friendly alternative to wood and plastic picks because it's renewable and it decomposes instead of cluttering up a landfill. You can use the pick to hold your signature sandwiches and wraps together and dispose of them later without a detrimental environmental impact! Length: 4-1/2" Features: Environmentally-Friendly Material: Bamboo Shape: Sword Type: Cocktail Picks, Picks
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Cucina Chef 12
Cucina Chef 12" BBQ Brush Mop $9.99 $12.99
Use this Cucina Chef 12" BBQ brush mop to spread sauce on your tastiest dinner meals! This brush is ideal for basting or glazing a range of barbecued meats, baked products, and other foods. This affordable mop brush is sure to be a welcome addition to your collection of kitchen prep tools, whether you're a seasoned BBQ veteran or just starting out. This string bristle mop brush is incredibly effective and simple to use because it is made to grab a generous amount of sauce, glaze, basting liquid, or butter with each dip. The 3-3/4 "The best covering is achieved by mopping your food with bristles scattered widely. a lengthy 12 "handle aids in establishing a secure barrier between your hand and a grill's or charbroiler's hot surface. The handle, which is made of sturdy wood, is made to endure multiple uses with proper maintenance. Overall Dimensions: Length: 12" Brush Length: 3-3/4" Handle Length: 9" 12" hand-held brush mop Bristles spread out to give ample coverage Long handle keeps fingers safe from burns Durable wooden design Perfect for barbecuing, basting, and glazing
Wooded Traditional Chopstick Rest
Reusable Rustic Finish Half Moon Design ... $9.99
Add class and sophistication to the table settings at your Asian restaurant with this wood traditional chopstick rest. With a natural wood finish, this chopstick rest is sleek and stylish. Measuring 2-1/4" long, it features a sloped shape to effectively support your guests' chopsticks. Not only is this rest an attractive addition to your tables, but it's practical and sanitary as well. It helps to keep your guests' chopsticks off of the table when they're not using them. Complete your table setting and give your guests the ultimate experience at your Asian restaurant with this traditional chopstick rest. Rustic wood finish Stylish design Keeps chopsticks clean and off of table Half moon shape keeps chopsticks secure and in place
11" Bamboo Wok Brush $15.99
Quickly and efficiently clean your wok with this bamboo wok brush. Made from 100% split bamboo strips that are gathered and bound to create an easy-to-hold handle, its sturdy construction allows you to easily clean hot surfaces without melting. Plus, since bamboo is a non-abrasive material, this brush remains gentle enough to remove stuck-on debris and food particles without scratching or damaging your pots. Also commonly referred to as a cleaning whisk, simply use this brush in a swirling motion under running water to clean your wok. Not just for cleaning woks, this brush is also ideal for cleaning seasoned cast iron pans as well! This useful tool allows you to quickly and effectively clean your seasoned woks without the use of soap or abrasive sponges, thus preserving your pan's seasoning and prolonging the life of your cookware. Overall Dimensions: Diameter: 4" Bristle Trim: 11" Hand Wash Only To preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.
Cold Forged Plated Steel 8-1/4
Cold Forged Plated Steel 8-1/4" Wok Ring $12.99
This galvanized steel wok ring is perfect for converting your standard range into a temporary Chinese wok range! If you'd like to steam vegetables, braise meat, or create an authentic Asian stir-fry, this wok ring is the perfect accessory. The wok will remain stationary, allowing you to masterfully prepare your dish with minimal effort. And, when you are done cooking, the wok ring may be used on a counter to keep your wok steady, making it an even more valuable asset in your commercial kitchen. Designed for use with 12" woks (sold separately). Height: 1-1/2 Inches Diameter: 8-1/4 Inches Bottom Diameter: 10 Inches Material: Stainless Steel Maximum Temperature: 200 Degrees C / 392 Degrees F
Stainless Steel 7-3/4
Stainless Steel 7-3/4" Wok Cover $25.99
Keep your flavorful stir-frys and signature oriental dishes covered with this 7-3/4" stainless steel wok cover! Featuring a traditional, dome shape, this cover traps heat and humidity to maintain your foods' hot temperature until you're ready to serve. With a sleek, polished finish, it's sure to help add luster and style to food displays. Constructed of 20 gauge, 18/8 stainless steel, this cover is made to withstand heavy-duty use in any establishment. Its top handle also ensures easy placement and removal, helping to keep your service running smoothly and efficiently. Pair this cover with a small serving wok to impress your guests with a new way of serving! Overall Dimensions: Handle Diameter: 7/8" Bottom Diameter: 7-3/4" Height: 2-1/4" Dishwasher Safe Traps in heat and humidity to maintain foods' hot temperature Traditional, dome shape Sleek, polished finish adds luster and style to food displays Constructed of 20 gauge, 18/8 stainless steel Top handle ensures easy placement and removal
Zen 10-1/2
Zen 10-1/2" Reusable Glossy Ivory Melami... $25.99
Serve your authentic, oriental cuisine in style with this pair of Zen 10-1/2" glossy ivory melamine chopsticks! Whether you are serving sushi, dumplings, or lo mein, this chopstick set is a great alternative to traditional, wooden utensils. It features a light, slightly-tapered design that's comfortable to hold, ensuring guests can easily eat your signature dishes. Plus, the elegant appearance will give any venue an upscale look and feel. Made of chip- and stain-resistant melamine, this chopstick set is built strong to withstand daily use. Compared to single-use chopstick sets, it is reusable to minimize replacement costs. Both convenient and functional, this set is an essential addition to your restaurant or sushi bar. Overall Dimensions: Length: 10-1/2" BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Perfect companion to oriental dishes at restaurants or sushi bars Reusable alternative to traditional, wooden chopsticks Light, slightly-tapered design is comfortable to hold Elegant glossy finish Made of chip- and stain-resistant melamine
American Metalcraft Oval Hammered Copper Stainless Steel Sauce Cup
American Metalcraft Oval Hammered Copper... from $9.99
Create dynamic dining presentations with these American Metalcraft oval hammered copper stainless steel sauce cups! Its stainless steel construction effectively resists rust and damage to ensure longevity, while its subtle, oval shape allows you to add dimension to your table settings. This cup's stylish and eye-catching hammered finish with a sleek copper color not only boasts an attractive display but also helps to hide any scratches or dents so that your tabletop presentation always remains flawless. These cups are perfect for serving any side sauce from ketchup and mustard to your own signature BBQ sauce! You can even use them for melted butter besides seafood dishes. Try using this stainless steel cup for sour cream, salsa, guacamole, or jalapeno peppers with your next appetizer, or fill it up with cheese sauce for dipping french fries, soft pretzels, hot dogs, or any other mouth-watering snack food. It's even great for use with marinara sauce with breadsticks. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY • 2 oz. Capacity (2-1/2" x 2" x 1-1/4") • 3 oz. Capacity (2-3/4" x 2" x 1-1/4") • 8 oz. Capacity (3-3/4" x 3" x 2") Hand Wash Only Great for displaying and serving condiments and sauces Constructed of sturdy stainless steel Attractive hammered finish helps to hide scratches and dents Features a sleek, copper color to add a modern appeal to your presentation Enhances serving and display presentation at restaurants, buffets, and receptions