Survivor Gas Mask Respirator Filter Cartridge Replacement RD40/40mm NATO Fitting

$56.99 $69.99 -19% OFF

Survivor Gas Mask Respirator Filter Cartridge Replacement RD40/40mm NATO Fitting

$56.99 $69.99 -19% OFF
Product description

For professionals working in high-risk work environments, our Mollywhopper Survivor Gas Mask Respirator Filter Cartridge Replacement RD40/40mm NATO Fitting is a need. Often used for work such as painting, staining, car spraying, sanding, and cutting.

Take a deep breath wherever you are. Working in a dangerous environment? There's a good probability that you're exposed to a variety of health risks whether you work in mining, construction, emergency response, or agriculture. If you're always considering the fumes, smoke, waste, flying objects, and rubbish around you, it will be impossible for you to remain concentrated and productive. Invest in robust personal protection equipment that can handle the demands of your profession to ensure that you are always safe.

Whenever and wherever, clean air. Whether you're operating a rescue operation in a burning building or working in an underground facility, get quick and easy access to pure air. The 40mm threaded connector on this filter canister is designed to fit the majority of standard-sized gas masks. The filter may neutralize hazardous gasses while removing up to 95% of airborne particles. Additionally preventing a range of non-oily particles from entering is the extremely absorbent cloth.

Highly effective activated carbon filter. If you operate in a demanding and dangerous field like firefighting, emergency response, or even the military, smoke, gases, and scents can be a big distraction and a source of danger. Strongly activated carbon particles, which are frequently employed in air and gas purification procedures, are present in this filter cartridge. Filtering away organic gases like benzene, benzol, chlorine, and carbon disulfide.

You can store many of these filter canisters without worrying about damage or contamination because they are each individually packaged for increased protection. With a three-year shelf life, you can store as much as you need to ensure that you, your coworkers, and even your family will have quick access in case of an emergency in the future. When not in use, the canister should be kept in a cold, dark, well-ventilated area.

Simple to Install & Use. Please make sure you select the appropriate filter for your workplace before making a purchase. Turn the gas mask's nut to activate it, then pull the plug open. To securely attach it, tighten the threaded connector by rotating it counterclockwise after aligning it with the mask aperture.

Utilize safety gear from a reputable brand to survive hazardous scenarios. Your comfort and safety are both taken into consideration while designing our filter cartridges. The majority of full-face respirators are compatible with the conventional 40mm size. Even after continuous use, it won't feel uncomfortable due to its small weight.

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