30" Traditional Adjustable Deck Trough with Coconut Liner


30" Traditional Adjustable Deck Trough with Coconut Liner

Product description

The Traditional Adjustable Deck trough is available in a 30" deck size with adjustable clamps that allow you to place it anywhere. The adjustable clamps (see picture above) afford you the flexibility you need and are ideal for apartment living. The Deck Trough is perfectly safe for decks and gazebos by using the adjustable clamps, instead of drilling holes, you eliminate the possibility that water and insects can penetrate and destroy the wood. The preformed coconut liner keeps it neat and tidy inside and connects it to nature outside. These coco liners create a down-to-earth feel and enhance the planters' connection with nature. They keep the aesthetic design of the planters from being spoiled by unsightly roots and dirt but still produce the effect of a natural growing environment.

Product Features:
Approx. 30" L x 7" W x 7" D
Adjustable brackets for easy mounting
Elegant flat steel planters with a weather-resistant black vinyl coating
Complete with all-natural, pre-formed coco liner
Excellent for home, apartment or business

Special Note: The included pictures are representative of the construction and finish of this item; they are not necessarily representative of the correct size. Please consult the dimensions statement above for information about the size of this item.

Keep in mind that Coco Liners consist of dried coconut fibers that are woven together. To obtain a proper fit for your unit, place the liner into your wall trough or window box, wet the liner so the fibers will begin to relax, and start adding your soil. This will supply moisture to the fibers allowing them to expand for a custom fit.