bedCLAW 82" Replacement Medium Finish Wooden Side Rails for Queen or King Beds

$189.99 $299.99 -37% OFF

bedCLAW 82" Replacement Medium Finish Wooden Side Rails for Queen or King Beds

$189.99 $299.99 -37% OFF
Product description

Exclusive bedCLAW Wood Side Rails are a great solution for replacing broken or missing wood rails. These wood rails are laminated with top-edge veneer banded faces. This process results in a wood rail which is much stronger than a solid wood rail. It is also more stable; a laminated rail will not warp or bow as a solid wood rail can.

Wood bed rails provide that classic timeless beauty that the discriminating connoisseur of fine furniture demands. Whether building a new bed or restoring an older bed, wood bed rails provide beauty and warmth unmatched by any other rail system.

The industry-standard hook plates incorporated into both ends of the rails will probably fit any headboard/footboard manufactured within the last 40 years. Please measure the distance from the two pins in your headboard/footboard to confirm that they are 2" apart from the center to determine that our rail hook plates will fit appropriately.

The price is for a pair of side rails (one for each side of the bed). Wood Rails are sold in pairs only to ensure a correct fit. These are the same original factory rails that are supplied by many bed manufacturers. Please note, however, that the color shown may not match your frame exactly.

These rails are 82 inches Long to fit Queen or King sized beds.
(Will also fit Twin XL or Full XL, but not standard Twin or Full, please measure the length of your mattress).
These rails are approx. 6-5/8 inches tall.
An inside lip runs down the inside of each rail, allowing easy and secure attachment of center support systems.

Please measure your current rails before ordering.
These are for Standard Queen and King size beds, not "Sleigh" type beds.
Queen and King sized "Sleigh" type beds tend to use rails that are for Standard Twin or Full sized beds.

Installing these wooden side rails along with a matching steel center support not only protects your new wood rails from bowing and breaking but also prevents your mattress from sagging and protects your mattress warranty. You will sleep more comfortably knowing that your bed is sturdy and secure.

Our WF Limited Lifetime Service Policy only covers manufacturing defects in wooden rails when subject to proper handling and normal use in conjunction with a center support system that provides continuous support. To provide continuous support, a Queen or King frame must have a rigid bridge bar with at least 3 support legs or 3 equally spaced hardwood cross-slats with a supporting center leg.