CedarFresh Women's Premium Shoe Tree with Tension Spring Coil, 1 Pair

$17.00 $32.99 -49% OFF

CedarFresh Women's Premium Shoe Tree with Tension Spring Coil, 1 Pair

$17.00 $32.99 -49% OFF
Product description

The CedarFresh Women's Shoe Tree features a sculpted toe that mirrors that natural shape of a shoe. Inserted into the toe of your dress shoes, loafers, sneakers, or flats, this shoe tree helps your shoe maintain its shape so that it is more comfortable to wear. And because the heel brace attaches to the toe with a flexible, tension spring, you can use these Trees in your heels as well! Simply insert the toe of the tree into your shoe and brace the rounded heel brace on the shoe's back. The CedarFresh Women's Shoe Trees fit women's shoe size 5-11.

The Women's Shoe Tree is made of 100% natural red cedar. So not only does its carefully designed form help retain the shape of leather and fabric shoes but also its very composition extends the lifetime of footwear by naturally reducing odors and absorbing moisture. Removing excess moisture from shoes extends their longevity significantly. Cedar's innate properties make it the wonder wood of closets and now, too, of shoe trees. Red cedar's astounding effectiveness arises from the aromatic oils in the wood's fibers.

Dimensions: 11.6" x 3.13" x 3.88"
Model Number: 77502-1
All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from the listed information.

  • 100% natural red cedar wood shoe trees gently stretch shoes and help keep their shape - fits pumps, heels, and flats
  • Non-staining, red cedar protects and freshens without damaging leather shoes
  • Safely and naturally repels pests, moths, mildew, and mustiness without chemicals
  • Refresh cedar's aromatic properties with sandpaper or Cedar Fresh spray (sold separately)
  • 3.875" H x 3.125" W x 11.6" D, Fits Women's Shoes Size 5-11